Update and little bit of more help needed

As some of you might remember I had some problems with my 451S writing to rewritable dvd’s and getting them read on the stand alone samsung dvd player.

I updated the FW to 851S GS0F (and later 0H I believe) and all seems to be well on the samsung front. I don’t even have to use booktype anymore, I burn on Memorex DVD+RWs and samsung happily plays them , the first time it reads them ! I am happy. As part of this learning curve, I also figured out that out of 20 dvd+rws, I have 3 with bad media, can not be written to no matter what, they go back to wallmart tomorrow !

I had issues writing to DVD-RW dvd’s though. I went back to GSB7 FW today …

Tried to format two Memorex-RW dvds both failed (PMA error or something)

One Sony DVD-RW can’t be formatted …

One SONY DVD-RW formatted but could not verify the burned data (Retesting that one after another full format)

One Verbatim DVD-RW formatted and data verified.

I have another two verbatims to test and three more memorex dvds. If only one sony and one verbatim works, does that mean I have a bad dvd burner or just bad luck with all the other media ? How do I draw the line …

Thanks for your help in advance …

Is your drive working relatively good with DVD+R/-R discs?
If so, then there is probably nothing wrong with your drive.

Do you have any packetwriting software installed?
These can cause problems formatting/burning RW discs.

What software are you using to format/burn your DVD-RW discs?
It may be the fault of the recording app that you are using. Make sure to update to the latest version of the software and also try formatting/burning with a different recording app.

I am using Nero in demo mode, INCD is installed but It was doing the same stuff without INCD as well.

I don’t have problems writing +RW dvd’s, (Knock on wood). Last night it did write on one Sony DVD-RW after doing a 180 minute formatting on it (Format finished before the estimated time). SO I am guessing, it might again be a formatting issue, I also had to full format al the +RW dvds before it could write successfully …

Try using a different program to format such as the bundled RecordNow or DVDInfoPro.

The Sony DVD-RW is right now being formatted, 400 minutes ! Only 375 minutes left ! What is up with those time left estimates anyways ? After it writes or fails this DVD< I will restore my ghost image, remove INCD, and install recordnow and Nero only …I like keeping a clean system :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Ssseth
Try using a different program to format such as the bundled RecordNow or DVDInfoPro.

For some reason DVDInfo Pro damages my DVD+RW´s when full formating… :confused:
No idea why. And they are RICOHJPNW11-001. Three times full format , and finito… Same type of disk has been formated/ erased 6 times with RecordNow Max, and is still as “new”.
Although erasing DVD-RW´s works great in DVDInfo Pro. One Maxell has been erased more than 10 times and still shows up with av. PO´s below 0,2.

To be safe, you all better erase/format with RecordNow Max/DX or Nero. :slight_smile:

Goomph, formating for 400 mins…7hrs.???, you must be joking. The normal time for a full format is the same as the time for burning at certified speed.!

Hey PInto2, nice to talk to you again :cool:

The remaining time estimate says that Full format will take around 400 minutes or 180 minutes but it only takes around 30 minutes or an hour (for the 1X sony media). Have no idea why the time estimate is so off …

It burned & verified successfully on the second Sony DVD-RW as well after a full format, why it did not even format it the first time , no idea. I amgoing to restore my good image right after this and install recordnow & Nero. Thanks for the warning regarding dvdinfopro formatting issues. I can not afford to loose my rewritables, I am jobless and these are costing me a fortune. That’s why I don’t buy the burn one time dvd’s …

Also thanks for pointing to recordnow software on your signature :bow:

I was wooried…, that sounds better. :cool:

BTW, to my knowledge you don´t need to format/erase a brand new (not burned) DVD+/-RW.

GL with your “experimentation” :slight_smile:

If I don’t do a full format, I always get verification errors with this dvd burner. The thing is, after a full format, I burn a data dvd, and it does a quick format anyways before it starts to burn the data, go figure.

I installed recordnow only and will experiment only with recordnow and see what happens. I can always nerovisionexpress2 to author the movies and then burn it with recordnow I guess.

Pheeeeeeewwww, recordnow won’t even format Memorex-RW dvds. Man oh man ! It did write to the verbatim -RW just fine though ! I think I will return the Memorex -RW ones !Anyone have any opinons on that ? Just bad media one after another ?

P.S. returned the Memorex dvd-rw’s I guess since it can burn to verbatim and Sony -RW’s my dvd writer is not defective right ? Just didn’t like the Memorex and Maxell (previous failures) ones.

I will run Kprobe on those 5 dvd’s and post the results here.