Update Alerts?

Is there a way to subscribe on the Nero site to get an email when they release an update, a patch, etc.?

I’m waiting for some fixes to NeroCOM, and was hoping to save myself the trouble of checking the site every few days.


Okay, believe it or not, I had just posted that first question before popping over to check the Nero site for the first time in a number of days… and found an update there.

Does anyone know if the October 25th update fixes the .NET problems with NeroCOM? Specifically, the issue I asked about a week or so ago:

When the OnProduceFile() event gets called, the Write method on the supplied NeroDataInputStream fails, terminating the thread that called the event. As a result, no data ever gets written.

  • Mark

Yes, the fix is contained in the newest Nero web install. Please download it and try it out.