Upconverting MP3s

This may be a silly question… but if I convert an mp3 with a bit-rate of 128 to a bit rate of 256, am I actually improving the quality or once its lowered to 128 is that the maximum quality you will ever get out of that file? Thanks!


AFAIK once the bit’s are gone there is no way ‘upconverting’ them will imporve sound quality.

Every conversion results in a loss of quality. By encoding at 128 kbps, lots of information (quality) was lost that can never be regained.

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I think this might somehow be dependent on what was recorded in the MP3 initially, not every MP3 with the same bitrate has equal compressions, it depends on the content of the sound recorded.

Should simple tunes or content being recorded, even 128Kbps bitrate may not be so low in quality that very few info bit has been omitted in the initial compilation. An example of such might be simple instrumental bass music, which typically has a higher compression ratio in MP3.

Converting a 128kbps MP3 to 256kbps MP3 will result in a further loss of quality.

Once information has gone, it can’t be magically retrieved - unless you have access to the source material, the 128kbps MP3 is as good as you can manage on that material.

Information was lost in the original conversion to 128kbps MP3. A further decode / encode cycle, even though it’s to a higher bitrate, will result in further quality loss - you’re adding a further lossy encode cycle on top of the encode that has already happened.


Thats pretty much explain why those official expert out there recommend a high bit rate for something like transcoding. :wink:

Does the mp3 upconverting hardware work, like creative xmod.

I am new to this forum and do not know if this is the right place :confused: or appropriate question, but I don’t know where else to go. :doh: A year ago I got an iRiver MP3 so I could download books from the library. The iRiver is top of the line and okay, but the buttons are all on the side and it is easy to push one by accident just by holding it. My husband is interested in getting one also. He now has an iPod, but it does not have a pause (book mark) ability with it. Obviously, one does not listen to a book nonstop, so this feature is a must. Has anyone found an MP3 that they would recommend for this use? The little research I have done is leading me in the direction of a Zen Vision M. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

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elec999: All mp3 “enhancements” are nothing more than a set of equalizer settings. Using an equalizer will create distortion in the sound output.

Westiegirl9: You can use rockbox firmware on your husband’s ipod to allows bookmarks. In simple terms, it creates a new operating system for the player to run on. It’s not as user-friendly, but it offers a ton more features. It’s a fairly complicated process to load for most users, so if you’re not too familiar with computers it would be a good idea to ask somebody more knowledgable in that area to help install it. Also, as a word of warning, it voids you warranty if you choose to install it. :cop:

Also back on topic, you can’t upconvert a lossy file format ever. If you try you convert a 128 kbps mp3 made from a raw .wav file to a 256 kbps mp3, it’s going to sound worse. This is because the source for the 256 kbps is the 128 kbps mp3 and NOT the raw .wav .

Garbage in, garbage out. That’s the saying. :slight_smile: