Upconvert dvd thru component



curious what dvd upconvert players some of you are using to convert your backups thru component cable to your HD tv for 1080 HD or close to it…

I am well aware that most US dvd upscale players [due to Macro protection] will down convert dvd’s to standard 480P when it detects a player connected via component connection thereby cancelling the 1080i or 1080p output.
[something to do with component ends being the same therfore detering copying]

looking for another unit for my Plasma which only has 1 HDMI input which I use for Cable box.

the company which I used to use no longer seems to exist…
NeoNeu, which changed it’s name to Helios then Neodigits.
Opo makes a good upscaler but will only upconvert to 1080 thru HDMI.


Oppo also makes a good HDMI switcher. I am considering this as my flat screen has only one HDMI as well. But what are we doing in the DVD Fab forum?


prob should put it somewhere else like??