Upcoming Philips DVDR1648 and DVDR1628 - what specs?

I read the news about SolidBurn here http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12056 and they speak about two new Philips drives. Anyone know some specs beside SolidBurn and what the difference between the 1648 and 1628 will be?

Or are this just names for bulk/retail drives, maybe identical to BenQ 1640?

Philips 1648 and 1628 will have the same specs as BenQ 1640… if they’ll be the same as with Philips 1620/40/25/45 then Philips 1628 and 1648 will both be retail with the difference in software included with the burner.

No LightScribe??

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“Philips will introduce SolidBurn in its new DVDR1648 and DVDR1628 drives, available in August 2005. Also other drives that use Philips chipsets (E.g. BenQ) will have the functionality”
So BenQ 1640 has Solid Burn Technology??

According to my information the new Philips DVD-writers (8701-series) will be available as:

Retail drives:

Bulk drives:

The specifications should be the same as the one used on BenQ DW 1640.

At the time being the Philips fancy LED-feature will also no longer be used, and the retail and bulk versions will also use different bezels.

Below you will be a picture of the upcoming retail drive.

That’s ashame. :frowning:

But it still looks good. =) I hope the price will be lower because of this. =)

For specs look at my post here:

Any of you guys know if Philips DVD Burners are sold in Canada be it retail or bulk? I’ve only seen one Philips drive in Canada and that was in a system at Computer Renaissance and it was sure a sweet looking drive.

malaysia already ship this model , hope get drive on next tuesday. :smiley:

(oem PHILIPS 8701)

Well i might upgrade my Philips 1620 for this. But too bad this fancy LED is gone :frowning:
I could buy a NEC 3540 then too, from what i read in the review, drive specs are same and burning results are really good.