Upcoming Intel MBs to have NO IDE connections

Well, according to Maximum PC, in the latest Intel Confidential memo pertaining to the upcoming IC8 south bridge chipset, they will be removing parallel ATA from future motherboards. With no more PATA IDE, it is hard to see how they will support optical drives, considering that the Plextor foray into SATA opticals was close to a disaster, but there you are.

Stock up on those old “legacy” boards if you don’t want to be doing everything in an external enclosure.

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Optical Manufacturers need to pull the finger out off their @SSe’s and sort this situation out, they have had 2 frelling years to bring SATA drives to market, the only on so far is Plextor an they just used a hacked up bridge board…nothing native.

…and you wanna force them to do so?!

LiteOn, and others, have had SATA opticals ready for a couple years. The problem is that the SATA controllers are not ATAPI friendly, and no OEM clients are ordering the drives anyway.
The Intel chipset-based SATA controllers are about the only ones known to be ATAPI-friendly, so there shouldn’t be any big problems. Of course, Microsoft needs to get in line and make it possible to install Windows from such a SATA optical drive too.
Given 8 or more SATA ports on one controller, with Windows support for SATA and RAID, I see no problem with such a board.

Unless I want to use any of my 11 current burners or 5 ROM drives. I have more value in drives than I do in the system.

Thanks for the news m8.

This is not good unless all manufacturers swop over, and this could take a long time.


I agree. I will be looking to Asus and others. It won’t be the first time Intel has failed to lead the pack. Look how fast BTX took over as the predominate formfactor. :o

That is why I use AMD ;). But even if that happens I can still use my pci-e ide controller for my Optical drives.

Truly, it just means that manufacturers will have to equip their MBs of IDE controllers in addition to the chipsets. Yeah, Intel boards won’t have such chips (at first), but other manufacturers will find a way I think

Jamos, what pci-e IDE controllers have you tried that work well with optical disc drives? I’ve just gone through the Promise/ITE/Sil0680A dance on PCI and was wondering if there is a clear favorite in the PCI-E world?

Sorry I meant PCI SIL6080A not pci-e. Only harddrive controllers that I know of that are pci-e are SATA.

bloody server!

Do you happen to have any reliable source for that controller? I see a few at Newegg. Do you know if they can function with a Promise card already in the system? Also, have you run a burst test on UDMA 4 drives? Another user says he cannot get his to connect at anything better than UDMA 2.

Here’s a burst test with my LiteOn 165P6S which is on the second channel of my Adaptec AHS-1233 (Sil 0680-based, on sale last week at CompUSA for $25).

That exact controller I am running udma 4 no problem with my plextor and udma 2 with my lg. As far as coexisting with a promise controller I do have a promise sata built in to my motherboard and they have no issues. I can burn with both at 16x no problem. I have this one and a adaptec one (bascially the same thing) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815150022

that is bout the same controller as the one I showed. The only issue that these cotrollers have is benq drives for some reason it uses dma mode 2 instead of udma 2.

Much thanks guys.


I want to add, that SATA supports DRM. By switching from ATAPI to SATA, they can force the use of DRM mechanisms for optical drives.