Upcoming CD Protection "Ring PROTECH"



I just posted the article Upcoming CD Protection “Ring PROTECH”.

BJC1 used our newssubmit to tell us that a Japanese company has revealed details about a new CD copy protection scheme, which is aimed at eliminating CD piracy (yeah … whatever )

A visible…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2160-Upcoming-CD-Protection-Ring-PROTECH.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2160-Upcoming-CD-Protection-Ring-PROTECH.html)

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Just another failure i think i said it before and i say it again : everything made by man can be cracked or bypassed.


:slight_smile: But is not the same of laserlock ??? Bahh another waste of money :4


instead of wasting all their money researching on “anti-piracy” technology… why not just make the damn software/audio cd/etc cheaper? then more people would buy it, without having to pirate the damn things. sheesh.


Well, you don’t want your softwares can be copied easily! At least put some challenges before it’s cracked. =)


I had once a cd where on a buffer underrun occured (I tried to write it DAO) so the lead in lead out where already written but this cd was not closed. So I tried another session on this cd and to my surprise the session started about 1 inch of the latest written data of the aborted session


haha. true true. you wouldn’t want your software copied too easily. but i still think they should just lower the prices, include real user’s manuals, and maybe, just maybe, piracy would be reduced. look at the excuses software companies give out (especially m$). people are being tricked into buying $5 software, thinking its original. people won’t be getting tech support. people might get viruses. let’s see, people buy the $5 software because they know its exactly the same as the real thing. and they are getting it cheaper. people don’t really need tech support, especially since these days you have to pay for support. i mean, how hard is it to find a friend that knows how to use some software (like, duh, windows?)? and viruses are almost non-existent with pirated software, since pirates also need customer confidence in their items. so no viruses there. sorry this is getting long. its just that, they can sell there products for a lower price, sell more, and get more loyal customers. instead, what software companies are doing now is punishing the customers (cough cough WPA), instead of punishing the pirates. sucks.


everything that CAN be played, WILL be copied :d


I want test “Ring” protection… If you can’t make 1:1 copy, then you just open your “direct connect” and select big hubs and there it is… just download your game! :4 But highly recommended is cabel/t1 or 3, or xDSL! :g


If the application can read those ‘special’ files on that stupid visible circle crap then so can a cd copying program such as CloneCD. Just hype to confuse the average dumb user into thinking they cannot copy one of these cds…all these protection schemes make me sick :r


Well fish, I think the ‘Visible Circle’ will be a ring WITHOUT any DATA in it. And that’s probably the most important part of the protection. Today’s technology should be able to copy these kinds of CD’s, but without the CD-Recorder manufacturers supporting the copy-ability of these CD’s, it’s very likely we will NEVER be able to copy these CD’s… So it all depends on what the hardware / software capabilities of the future will offer us.


The article clearly says ‘Several checks are added in order for the software to be able to check the files in the visible circle,’ so there is data in this stupid circle. As I said before, another waste of time…


Whatever they can make we can break, it’s as simple as that. are we the only people that see that? :stuck_out_tongue: