Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Supported now in MakeMKV :slight_smile:


for those that “buy” 4K streaming movies from Apple, this should worry you:

i suspect this would be the same regardless if apple or another service


For those interested, the included BD with Philadelphia appears to contain the new 4K scan used on the UHD-BD.


Just got Mission Impossible Fallout UHD, haven’t ripped it yet, but I scanned some scenes from the disc…Am I the only one who thinks it looks…terrible? I mean there’s too much noise and I’m not a huge fan of DNR but a little bit could’ve been used there. There’s neigther sharpness or contrast and the colors are lifeless, definately one of the worst UHD video presentation I’ve seen despite having a 4K DI. At least the IMAX scenes look stunning and the Atmos track is reference.


Based on all of the early reviews I have read that seems to be the consensus. A real shame.


curious if there is a streaming version in 4K how that looks…


I have it, but haven’t even checked it out yet. Guess I should do that…

UPDATE: Took a quick look at the iTunes HDR version and I must say it is both drab in color and pretty grainy. I might attribute some of the softness to the amount of grain in the image coupled to the heavier compression needed for streaming. That said, it sounds like that is still the case even with the higher bitrates afforded by the disc version.


They had litteraly no excuse, I’m more of an audio guy, and as long as the movie is good I’m normally happy. But come on, a Summer blockbuster should not look like this on UHD-Blu-ray given the amount of money you’re paying. I’m watching the bonus disc a scene where the director says he’s a hardcore film fan and that he also shot the movie on film, it looks as he used that as the source material for the disc.


It’s interesting reading these impressions as I wasn’t bothered by the grain and enjoyed the presentation. Degraining and sharpening wouldn’t have changed the source material, as it appears to have been shot (and color graded) that way.

Blade Runner is a grain heavy release for example (more apparent than here in many scenes due to the low light) and I appreciated having it preserved than not in such a format tbh, whereas for lower bitrate versions I can see where degraining would benefit.

The IMAX sequences I’d glad kept the aspect ratio change and being shot in broad sunlight and higher resolution allowed for very little grain. Looked superb.


Well, it’s just general opinions, but it seems there are quite some complains about it not only by me but by reviewers, if you enjoyed then fine, I wish I did.

As I said, I don’t mind grain, but in this movie the grain, washed out colours and lack of sharpness just doesn’t fit in my opinion.

I didn’t have a problem with the grain on Blade Runner, that was a beautiful transfer.


I don’t have an issue with film grain per se. I do take issue with the seemingly washed out color pallette and softer image. I am not advocating for either artificial sharpening or de-noising the picture though. I agree with @Soulstone that MI:Fallout doesn’t seem to fit the look.


Watched MI:Fallout this evening on iTunes. Definitely a fun movie marred by subpar video performance. The IMAX material looks good, but the rest is a mess in my book. Damn shame…


Heya all

For those in the community that are down under, where do you generally buy your UHD 4K’s?

Also do you find that the over seas versions are the same video / audio? Do you check out various sites to decide if you are going a local or over seas release?

I know that 4K UHDs are region free, but that the standard Blu Rays may be region locked.

Thanks! :grinning:



I usually buy mine from JB HiFi or Sanity. I have also purchased 1 or 2 from Amazon AU.

I haven’t yet purchased any from overseas and would only consider them if that particular UHD was not going to be released in Australia.


JB and now that Amazon is shipping to Oz again, I use them for titles that JB don’t have.


Thanks for your replies.



Typical, I have to leave on a business trip though Wednesday and this is the week that all of my movies decided to show up early (today).


:slight_smile: I’ve had that happen as well!

Pretty good year for 4K UHD overall.

BTW - I’ve yet to watch MI: Fallout, but surprised the Digital Bits gave the presentation high marks yet this thread says it’s pretty weak. that one is queued up for me over the long Christmas break.


Anyone got Cliffhanger? The US version has Dolby Atmos, has anyone checked the mix? I would like to order it but it’s 10€ (about 12-15$) more than the German version with DTS-HD MA 5.1.


Well, I have the UK version with DTS-HD MA and ordered the US version for the Atmos track. So I’ll be able to tell you, but I won’t have it until next week.