Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


thanks for the reminder. intending to pick this up. went standard blu on first season as it had the better audio, and the uhd lacked hdr.

seems this time things are diferent

actually surprised netflix releases on any disc format. says at least they still believe they can make some coin.


Cancelled my pre-order of 2001 from BestBuy and re-ordered from Amazon. What do you know…it’ll be here tomorrow. Glad to see Amazon isn’t adhering to WBs stupid release date change.

Also decided to pick up StudioCanal’s version of Cliffhanger releasing next week in the UK as opposed to waiting for the Sony release January. By all accounts it will probably be the same 4K master and Dolby Atmos track. Figure I will give it a try.


I went to Amazon to pre-order The Lion King but they were unclear whether or not it was 4K or Blu on the order page so I went to BB and ordered it since it was clearly listed as 4K.

For The Incredibles 2, Amazon didn’t know when it would be back in stock, so I went to BB for that one also.

I’m finding Amazon lately to be a little sloppy with product descriptions and availability. I’ve seen this for other titles in the past (though can’t remember the specific titles).

Cliffhanger I’m on the fence about; I did see it, just not a very memorable movie for me.

I type that knowing I just ordered the horrible terminator genesis in 4K, but who could pass on $12!

Also came across another “4K Scan”, this time for The Thing (John Carpenter’s version). Shame - love that movie. May pick up this new 3-disc set all the same but it should have been in UHD. Actually think it’s his best movie…


I’m not a huge fan of Cliffhanger either, but I haven’t seen it in years and figure ‘Why not?’. I have definitely bought crappier movies at this point and figure this will continue to satisfy my addiction. To put things in perspective I just picked up Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates for $10 because it was 4K and $10… that’s how low my bar is set :slight_smile:

I typically buy most of my movies from Best Buy, especially anything Disney since Amazon and Disney are in a continual pissing contest. Best Buy always price matches Amazon and I have never had an issue with availability (despite 2001 which is really Warner’s fault).

As for The Thing, I picked up the Arrow version and must say it looks excellent. There is a lot of debate over the Arrow vs Shout Factory releases, but I figure you probably can’t go wrong with either. I also agree this is my favorite Carpenter movie too.

Interesting point regarding the new Shout Factory release. It is sourced from a 2017 4K scan from Universal (which Arrow also used). I think a true 4K release may be surfacing soon.


I got it solved, a friend from the US is comming to visit me on early christmas so I told him if he could grab me a copy. Much less hassle that way, it’s only 1 month.
But I really appreciate the help, thank you!

Side note, I’m surprised to see how Netflix is going to go with disc format. Specially with Marvel releases, they haven’t announced yet The Defenders on Blu-ray, but I’m still wondering if they’ll release it on UHD since it did have HDR grade.
Also wondering about Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist Seasons 2 since those had an HDR grade and Dolby Atmos, it would really suck if they didn’t release those in UHD with proper TrueHD 7.1 core + Atmos.


i am more surprised Netflix releases anything on disc. it says someone figures there is at least still some money to be made on the format.

did Stranger Things S1 ever appear for sale outside of Target?


Well, they better keep it that way so we can enjoy our Blu-ray TV shows.
I got Stranger Things S01 from Amazon.UK last christmas so yes.


Soulstone - You probably got a copy that somebody imported. There never was a UK release.

As for why ST hasn’t appeared outside of Target, beats me. I can only assume Target is throwing some serious money at Netflix if they still have a worldwide exclusive!


Not exactly, Amazon UK just has the same discs as the US. They import them so yeah, I’ve been getting all my Lionsgate & some Disney discs from them (or e-bay & zavi, but mainly amazon) because in my country those don’t even sell UHDs.


picked up season 1 today on uhd as well. will try to remux in the better audio from the bluray with the uhd. no hdr unfortunately… but it is a true 4k picture


I thought about that as well, but talked myself out of it because I am pretty doubtful the resolution increase is very noticeable.


I did notice some difference though, not anything like “4x Higher Resolution” and all that but it did look less compressed. I still think the difference was not worth it for the extra money and lossy audio.


Just FYI, the remux is straightforward. No need to delay it or anything.

That said, I wonder what’s up with whoever’s authoring these discs. The first season left the lossless audio to the Blu-Ray, and both seasons don’t have proper chapters. They just insert markers every 10 minutes or so. It’s like all the thought goes into the packaging, and none into the actual disc authoring. Very strange.


i really don’t think Netflix is interested in physical media and have to wonder if some contractural agreement somewhere requires them to do this.

glad to hear the remux is trivial.


Well, I don’t know what are they going to do but all the Marvel Shows starting from The Punisher S01 and Jessica Jones S02 up to date will sell like cakes if they release a 4K BD with the HDR10 grade and the Dolby Atmos mix with the TrueHD 7.1 Core. Except Defenders, which I suppose will have the DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix. But just think how many people will buy those UHD-BDs maybe they even sell out the first “wave” on release day.


For all of you out there that are considering importing Cliffhanger UHD disc from the UK because of the earlier release date, a friend from there has confirmed me that it doesn’t feature the Atmos track, only DTS-HD MA 5.1.

It looks like studiocanal release there and Sony release (with the Atmos mix) on the US.


Well crap… mine already shipped. Figures…


cant wait for Mission Impossible: Fallout 4k :slight_smile:

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i almost pre-ordered MI fallout a second time! sheesh… there are 4 sites i have to check now: Amazon US and UK, BestBuy, and Zavvi.

just pre-ordered How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. Amazon is also having some good deals on older 4K titles. picked up a couple that were quite cheap


I had MI Fallout for a couple of days, just waiting for support…