Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Blu-Ray.com does a pretty good job.


@UltraHDBluray on twitter is also a very good source. He retweets lots of news about future releases, also other websites, journalists who are close to the studio etc. So far all the info he has retweeted has ended up true.


Same goes for thedigitalbits.com if you are looking for the latest 4K BD release news.


I just noticed Cliffhanger 4K showed up for pre-order in the UK. Is this another StudioCanal release that won’t come to the US? It’s not listed on blu-ray.com.


Also Early Man 4K & Escape from New York 4K seem to be StudioCanal releases that are not released in the US.


Actually it’s on their front page: https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=24054


Yeah, there are four John Carpenter films announced from StudioCanal, but nothing in the US. I just preordered them for import. Price-wise it isn’t much difference. The Deer Hunter from StudioCanal was actually a nice set so I have hope.


My bad. Since the release date is in 2019, I didn’t see it. It’s released much earlier in the UK I guess.


i did same. ordered all the john carpenter titles from amazon.uk except prince of darkness, which i ordered from zavvi as the 4k seems exclusive to them


canvassing all those sites just cost me $200. one uk import for Shutter Island and several pre orders from amazon.

also testing bluray.com’s notification feature. hopefully it notifies when a title is up for pre order and not when it is released.


You can also keep an eye on their specials page.

Titles will usually appear there once they become available to pre-order from Amazon, BestBuy, etc…