Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Paramount is the biggest offender thus far. Their titles are not showing up through international partners, but from Paramount themselves. Shutter Island, Hansel & Gretel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the GI Joe series all have become European exclusives. They even went so far as to announce the latter two for release in the US and then bail at the last minute.

You are probably also correct in your assessment of Disney. The writing is on the wall for 4K BD and with the acquisition of Fox to complete next year it could force a major change to the landscape. Time will tell.


so the Deer Hunter has no US planned release?

where did you buy it from?

only minor issue with importing is the region lock for standard blu. not an issue for rips but an annoyance when watching the actual disc. may have to buy that oppo hardware fix. even then it is still a small hassle. oh well. so rare to play the actual disc now


Picked it up here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deer-Hunter-Anniversary-Collectors-Blu-ray/dp/B07DDFX43H/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538661625&sr=8-1&keywords=deer+hunter+4k

It’s actually a very nice package. StudioCanal did a great job with it.


Hey sorry for the delay, as I promised I would update with results from the capture card/settings and all that. A friend of mine purchased a card (We’re doing this both so we got together for some tests) and all I can say is we have done some tests and we’re not confident about it.

First it requires an SSD or a really fast drive. Second, we are not getting the HDR properly, skin tones look a bit pinkier than they should and dark scenes look washed out. The encoding times are literaly smashing us (about 1 hour for every 4-5 minutes test samples, so that’s 22h aprox for a whole 2h movie). If we don’t get the HDR correct he’ll just return the card, really not worth all the trouble.


On a side note, I hope you’re both wrong and Physical disc doesn’t dissapear. I would only mind if studios could sell full BD ISOS with DTS-HD MA, Atmos and all that the same as physical but digitaly like DRM free. Just paying for a direct download. Still prefer to have the disc for the cover artwork and having an isolated copy but I could live with that.

By the way, thanks for the info about Shutter Island & Hansel and Gretel UHDs, didn’t know they were going to get a release. Pre-Ordered them, street date is October 10 so if you live in the US, you might get it before the 17th.


what capture card did you try? and what cpu are you using?

as for physical media - if studios wanted to sell the same content but as a download that i can use as i want then i am ok with that. i dont see it though. everything comes down to control. effectively this is the new “rental” model. you don’t own it. you either rent a window to view or you rent a perpetual viewing window until such time as the studio determines they want to pull it.

disney used to put their movies into a so called “vault” and for years you could no longer purchase it. imagine they decide the next star wars will be available for a year, then pull it, to re-release later.

or they find some scene is deemed offensive and they alter it and so you lose the original

or the music they licensed expires and they change the sound track

this is the future we have. you don’t “own” it. you simply purchase a lease to view it

video games are going same way at some point. microsoft tried it with the xbox one and it was too soon. but it will get there. they wanted to make it so you could not lend your buddy the game or resell it.

like others, i think 4K is it for me. i’ll upgrade what i can and buy whatever is new and of interest.


The latest talk here is making me sad. That it’s time to just go iTunes since they have Atmos now.

I’m still building my content library too, but I really struggle every time I sit down to make MKVs of new discs that I’m wasting my time.

Especially when I consider that a lot of stuff I want to watch coming up is UHD HDR Atmos streaming exclusive anyway (Jack Ryan, High Castle, NF Marvel shows). I watch that stuff and feel pretty happy with it, so why not just watch my movies at the same quality with lower cost and no effort and access to a bigger library of UHD HDR content via iTunes than disc anyway.


Decklink studio card the one that’s 500$. As for CPU I have a 4790K but we’re using my friend’s 8700K and it still takes too long even in medium/normal preset.

About streamming services, well that’s just too dark if they do this. So far I have 0 confidence on the quality of those platforms. I have Netflix & Amazon Prime just for some shows. Even though there are quite a few with HDR and Atmos, that doesn’t really make it reference quality. Blu-ray is just years light from that, sure there are some scenes that shine better on HDR streamming than 1080p Blu-ray, but the overall sharpness, clarity and detail is a bit more polished on 1080p BD; and let’s not even talk about UHD BD.

Atmos…well…it has a 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus 640 Kbps Core…so…there you have it, this is the biggest difference from physical in my opinion. A full Dolby TrueHD 7.1 24 bit core is just on a whole new universe. Although I must say I’m happy on the improvement from a 1080p 5.1 Dolby Digital 384 Kbps to a 4K HDR Dolby Atmos.


i thought atmos was “on top of” a full true hd core? need to do some research


Atmos is metadata held in the MAT of the Dolby audio track. It can be applied to either Dolby Digital Plus or TrueHD.


i wonder then given bandwidth limitations of streaming if the atmos that is streamed is less quality than atmos on physical media


It’s confusing to say the least, Dolby Digital Plus is Lossy, Dolby TrueHD is losseless, Dolby Atmos is supposed to be superior to those and therefore losseless, but it’s a mess merging the losseless metadata to the lossy core. Bandwidth…Dolby Digital Plus máximum bandwidth I think was about 1 Mbps but Netflix is just cutting it to 448-640 Kbps so…there you have it. I have no idea about i-Tunes and VUDU as I’m not subscribed to those but I suppose it’s the same. Even on Netflix the DD+ core track is 5.1, not even 7.1. It’s dissapointing to say the least when you get a full 4-7 Mbps Atmos track with TrueHD 7.1 core in physical media.


Dolby Atmos stacked on Dolby Digital Plus is certainly better than standard Dolby Digital. Sure, it isn’t better than a TrueHD-based Atmos track, but the audible difference is pretty narrow in reality.


Just watched Hotel Artemis on 4K BD. Reasonably entertaining flick. Don’t waste your time on the 4K version. Pick up the standard Blu instead and save some money. The 4K version is SDR with DTS-HD MA 5.1. Almost imperceptible difference between them.

Also checked out Hook tonight. The new 4K BD is a big improvement and certainly a recommended upgrade over the standard Blu if you are a fan.


I cannot wait for The Big Lebowski! Should be about a week away!

Edit: Oh and The Evil Dead of course :slight_smile:


I have that exact feeling for Shutter Island. Got it yesterday and not very impressed with the upgrade. I picked it up because I love the movie but effortwise they have done an autopilot on this one.
Also got Hansel & Gretel and sold my old BD. It’s a very nice upgrade over the 1080p, it looks 4.5/5 in my opinion. The movie itself is bad I know, but it’s one of my guilty pleassure movies :joy:


Still waiting on my copy of Shutter Island, but that is disappointing to here. Someone over at AVSforum gave the iTunes 4K version a glowing review and I would have expected that version to be the same on disc. Hopefully I come away more impressed than you.

Also have Only The Brave coming from Germany. It looked fantastic on iTunes so I have to think the disc version should be as good or better.


Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but it’s not that the Shutter Island UHD is horrible, it’s just that the BD was really good in my opinon, just one of those cases that the UHD doesn’t provide enough of an upgrade to justify the double dip. The HDR is good, and it’s indeed better than the BD, it’s just that I was expecting a lot more from it. Of course that’s just my take, maybe yours is different when you get your disc.


Yeah I watched it last Saturday, it looks good but it’s def not worth going crazy over.


is there a site you all use that lists all 4K UHDs with release dates? i canvass a few but none are consistent. finding i am often behind on what is coming up and pre orders