Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


FYI - Ocean’s 8 is out (a few days early) here in Oz


This is disappointing. The burned in German text is such a deal breaker for me on the Concorde Iron Man series, so I won’t be picking this up due to the same issue. Honestly, how hard is it to master a forced sub-title track in any language? I know it happens in English on many releases too, and we shouldn’t do that either. Sad.


Here is a link to the Subs vs Burnt In. The Burnt In stuff looks better and many many movies have it… just this time it is in German. It’s a full UHD screen shot (8MB) and while it looks flat (given the screen shot does not capture the HDR processing) it give an idea of the details and grain etc.

Note: I really should pull my thumb out and play with madshi’s HDR --> SDR processing (under development) and then the screen shots would look great as well!


…and out of interest here is what it looks like with madVR processing the HDR meta data then outputting it as SDR.


I went ahead and picked it up. The burnt in DE subs are a bummer, but that isn’t make or break for me since they have forced English subs available. Thanks for the details @jmone1.


it is troubling that titles like this come out in 4K outside North America. i noticed same trend for 3D now. lots of 3D in Europe and Korea but not US



i whole heartedly agree with Bill Hunt. multiple times i have been bitten by Netflix removing tv shows i was in the middle of; my family complaining some kids movie “disappeared”; the guy in this article talking about itunes removing movies he purchased. remember - in the streaming world you own nothing. even itunes 4K content can’t be downloaded.


Agreed, I’m actually thinking of buying a Capture card just to capture the HDR & save those “Digital Exclusive HDR” movies such as 2012, American Sniper, Edge Of Tomorrow on my Hard Drive in case they delete them. Don’t know yet how none of those have landed on UHD yet…I would upgrade them with out any doubt.


if you do invest in digital capture equip can you share your setup?

before deuhd came along, and subsequently makemkv for my uhd discs, i was considering that route…

it was maddening trying to find good information about how to do it and capture the best possible


I have looked into this as well and you are right about finding solid information to work from. The basics are really around getting a capture device that also captures the HDR metadata then re-encoding the data with the metadata intact. The more I got into it the less I liked any solution I found. Seemed no matter how you sliced it you were still altering the HDR in some way and I just couldn’t justify the cost for a subpar copy.


yeah that is where i always ended up. it can’t be a bit perfect copy, and there was always some “gotcha”. on the other hand before recent events, this was probably the best we could do. akin to the old days of multi generational copies of VHS or cassette tapes


Yes sure I will share my setup! If I manage to capture the HDR decently I will share the settings and all that. This weekend will be basically for digging into which capture device to buy.


Watched Skyscraper last night on VUDU. Outstanding HDR presentation and one of the better Atmos titles as well. The movie itself was pretty silly, but quite entertaining. If you are interested in checking it out and live in the US, VUDU offers Disc + Digital meaning you can get the 4K BD when it releases as well as the digital copy now. I have used the service several times and I always receive the physical copy on the day of or slighty before release.

Plus, thanks to MoviesAnywhere the title also shows up as 4K HDR in your iTunes account for those that prefer Apple.


not familiar with either service. well, iTunes i am, but not vudu or moviesanywhere. will check them out.

if you are a john carpenter fan, 4 of his classic movies are coming in special 4K editions, UK only, or rather no North American release. i’m importing them all from amazon.uk

The Fog, Prince Of Darkness, Escape From New York, and They Live.

look like good sets too - 4 disc sets including a CD sound track


You should definitely check out both services.

Those JC releases look interesting. I am undecided at this point whether to pick them up, but knowing me I will. I can tell you Halloween looks amazing. I was downright shocked at the improvement over the last BD release.

Same could be said of American Psycho. Hell that looks like it was made yesterday and not 18 years ago. A major improvement over the standard BD release.


i should note that Prince of Darkness is a steelbook Zavvi exclusive and no CD in it. i ordered anyway.

American Psycho just arrived. if i recall that was one of the early Blu releases and had no lossless audio. may have even been an mpeg2 video vs VC1 or h264.


Yeah, it’s MPEG2. It absolutely looks its age compared to the 4K BD version.


wow. so they probably had unsold stock sitting around and just chucked it in the new uhd release.

it’s a good movie, though people either love or hate it.


Clearly, 4K BD is going to be a pretty niche format here in the US if the studios have their way. Recently imported 12 Strong and The Deer Hunter. Now I am having to import Shutter Island and Only The Brave. Why can’t studios release those here?


i suspect this is a slow strangle on physical media in favor of streaming

once disney gets their streaming service up, i wonder how many more movies on disc we will see from them. that is scary because they own so many catalogs of movies now too

i assume we see a lot more released overseas because those are released by other studios/distributors through agreement and the fine print must allow them to do so. 3D is still very popular outside of NA but so few of those titles are released here anymore in 3D