Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Hmm… I’m seeing it on Amazon US - The Jack Ryan Collection,

Still available for pre-order.

I did have to purchase the Avengers titles from Best Buy as Amazon no longer had them.

Not sure what is going on


Yeah, it’s back. It went to ‘currently unavailable’ yesterday so I assumed the worst. Paramount’s track record as of late doesn’t give me a lot of reassurance. Still not back at Best Buy.


Target had it cheaper. I have it on pre-order.


For anyone interested, Best Buy has the Jack Ryan Collection for $50. Basically, $10/each at that price.


We almost need a Don’t Bother thread. Just watched Rampage on UHD… I vote for this one to be added!


they made a movie of that old video game?

just looked the movie up. can’t say i remember it but can say i won’t buy it :slight_smile:


I would agree. It’s pretty bad and of course I bought it. I really thought my kids would like it, but even they thought it was pretty lame. I am developing a very nice collection of movies I will never watch again.


hahaha same here, of course my girl is a huge Rock fan but even she said we won’t bother watching that again. I am however excited about some of these Sept and October releases! Some great movies coming out on 4K soon! A few are even classics like Evil Dead, 2001: Space Odyssey, The Big Lebowski, the original Halloween, rest of the Matrix trilogy, then you got some other goodies worth a watch, Sicario 2, Solo, Bad Boys 1&2, Step Brothers, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, American Psycho. There’s others too but I was just going off what I could remember.


Deadpool 2 is out today in Oz. Looking forward to this as we missed it in the Cinema.


It’s funny! I’d say a pretty good movie overall, I still have to watch the Super Duper Cut.


My Jack Ryan collection shipped from Best Buy today thanks to the tip from @Balthazar2k4.

I forgot to cancel my pre-order at Amazon, but they sent me a note it was delayed until Friday.


My wife ended up picking it up for me in-store since my Best Buy order was delayed and I am traveling on business. Unfortunately, I now have it, but can’t submit dumps for it since I am not home. I hope someone else is able to do it.


12 Strong (Concorde DE) Review: I just got this disc and watched it tonight. Here are my thoughts:

  • Disc Authoring: The Menu and Preview are only in German (DE). The Main Title has an English DTS-MA Audio track (as well as DE). There are burnt in text in DE during the main title but the English Subs are just the Forced Subs so that works well for both an Eng translation of the burnt in DE Text as well as subs for the non-english parts. The Extra are all in English only.
  • Video: The main title is rendered in 24fps (not 23.976) and while “unusual” I wish they were all 24fps not the 24/1001*1000 compromise we have to put up with for NTSC compatibly. The quality looks good and I had no issues with it.
  • Audio: No Atmos or DTS:X but a pretty solid 7.1 DTS-MA track.
  • Oddities: I got some stutter when the English Subs were displayed at times (but could have been my setup… did not want to play around during the movie).
  • Overall: If you like this movie then this is a good buy. No idea if (or when) another UHD version will be released

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Thank you for your thoughts, How does the track compare to the DTS-HD MA 5.1 track from the BD? That’s 24 bit and the 7.1 from the UHD is 16 bit.


Have you had a chance to compare the UHD disc against the standard BD? Would be curious if it seems substantial enough of an improvement for me to import. The regular BD looks pretty good and when I compared it against the iTunes 4K version I was surprised by how minimal the delta actually was.


I had a look at the BD that came in the same pack. The two discs are nearly identical with the exception being the Video Track is 24fps AVC 1080p. The Audio Tracks are the same as on the UHD (DTS-HD MA 7.1 16 Bit). All the “extras” are also identical (note: these may have been provided to them as they are 1080p 23.976fps and without a German Track on both discs).

I’ll get back on how the two look in comparison but it is clearly a unique Concorde encode to that of the regular BD that you are likely to have.


Did a side by side between the UHD and BD. The UHD HEVC HDR encode is much better than the FHD AVC. Better resolved details in the dark scenes and better skin tones.


is there any reason warner are not releasing this as a us UHD title?


Thanks @jmone1 for checking. Guess I’m going to have to import after all.


Do you ever trade in your DVD’s/Blurays? I can’t bare to waste hundreds of GB’s of HDD storage on movies i don’t like.

We have a store in Australia called CeX that i believe is also in the US and Europe. You can trade in towards other used movies.
I traded in a whole bunch of trash movies i won’t watch again, The Cobbler, Wrath of the Titans.

Even traded some like Conan The Barbarian, which i liked, but i’m sure I just won’t watch again.