Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Think I might have a line on Marrowbone. Going to try and grab it today.

UPDATE: Snagged a copy from Best Buy this morning. Sent dump.


How is Marrowbone? I’ve never seen it, does it have good replay value or just worth a watch?


It’s a blind buy for me, but seems to get pretty favorable reviews and I am always a sucker for horror. Plus, it’s 4K HDR with Atmos and cost me $12.99 so what the hell.


Blind buy for me also. Now it’s more confusing, as the BD in Spain and UK is DTS-HD MA 5.1 according to Amazon, no word on the UHD, hopping it’s Atmos; @Balthazar2k4 is the US regular BD Atmos? Just to be sure in case I have to import it.


The US version is Atmos on both the BD and UHD-BD.


Thank you, guess I’ll have to import the US version then.


I am such a glutton for punishment. I just couldn’t stand not having them and imported both GI Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on UHD-BD today… i hate myself sometimes…


i’m doing “cleanup” again and ordering various titles i missed. GI Joe and Turtles didn’t make the cut for me… though i just picked up annihilation - completely missed that one.

ever end up ordering something you had on pre order already? especially when it is a few months in advance


I’ve not only done it, but actually received both copies. It’s a real ‘special’ moment for me that involves some expletives.

As for TMNT and GI Joe, just ~15 posts up I said I wasn’t buying them… yep, real willpower I have…


If it makes you feel better I also fell for those…and even a lot earlier than you, at least your willpower lasted a couple of weeks :laughing:


Any rumours of LOTR on UHD?


Also No Willpower here - Just got another 2 dozen UHD as they were “on sale”. Good news is (so far) only 1 is not supported.


Interesting… Snow White & The Huntsman UHD has both the Extended & Theatrical Edition on the disc. Need to look further but it seems to be the first seamless branching UHD I’ve come across.

Edit - Yup seamless branching… (it is only an extra 3mins).


no LotR or Hobbit that i have heard or read about.

when it does happen they must be the extended or else i won’t bite :slight_smile:


Just noticed Fast and Furious 1-3 are coming out on 10/2.

No word on 4 or 5 yet though. :frowning:

Hopefully these get proper lossless audio…


1-3 are confirmed DTS-X, 4-5 no word.


DTS:X is just metadata. The underlying audio on 6 & 7 was DTS-HD HRA (lossy), compared to DTS-HD MA (lossless) which was present on the regular Blu-rays.


FF8 was a proper DTS-X with DTS-HD MA 7.1 losseless track. I don’t think they’re doing a DTS-HD HRA again, those are the only 2 discs with DTS-X on a HRA, especially after all the complaints it got. If that was the case, I’ll honestly take those DTS-X with DTS-HD HRA 7.1 over the DTS-HD MA 5.1 any day. The UHDs sounded better than the losseless tracks on the BD, or at least to my ears. I hope they’re losseless with the object based metadata though.


Seems the Jack Ryan collection has suddenly disappeared off the radar at Amazon and Best Buy in the US. Looks like Paramount may be slowly abandoning their physical 4K media position domestically anyways. Very bummed by this trend as I will now have to import more.


Got around to watching Marrowbone last night. Nice, natural use of HDR and great Atmos track. I wouldn’t call the movie horror any more than I would call The Orphanage or Pan’s Labyrinth horror, but a pretty good movie overall. I found it entertaining and am satisfied with my blind buy.