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just pre-ordered the Jack Ryan collection. can’t wait for Red October in 4K!


I pre-ordered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nearly two weeks ago on Best Buy and it didn’t ship last week. So I cancelled my pre-order and tried again. Still didn’t ship despite showing that it was to be delivered by today. I check Best Buy this morning and it say they are getting more soon. Should I assume they never got them or what? I see nowhere else got them or even lists them for that matter. This title must be in extremely short supply.


Is the Real or Fake 4K list displaying a 404 for anyone else? Wonder what happened.


Hmmm, yep, I’m seeing it too.


Who knows, he stopped keeping up with it and updating it awhile back. Plus with other sites like bluray.com and avsforum having the same info, it probably isn’t as popular.


Did they? That’s unfortunate. Blu-Ray.com doesn’t seem as accurate tbh, like for example their Blade Runner 2049 is listed as being ‘Native 4K (2160p)’ yet according to realorfake4k.com it provides more details:

  • Shot in 3.4K
  • VFX Rendered in 3.4K
  • Digital Intermediate at 4K

Which put it in the ‘nearly native’ category of their list, which I found useful for reference. Does AVSForum.com have a similarly consolidated and comprehensive list of details like this?


IMDb lists info like this.


Anyone got Infinity War early? I know it’s off-topic but I just wanted to know how’s the mix and if Disney continues to neuter the Atmos mixes, my whole pre-order decision will be based on that, again, sorry if this is off-topic (for moderators/administrators).

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By all accounts over at AVS Forum it is pretty spectacular based on the VUDU release.


Have you got any link? Not that I don’t trust you, just interesting in reading it.

Edit: Already found it, they say it’s superb but they did say Black Panther’s Atmos track was stunning so…I’m not going to fully trust them at the moment, I hope I’m wrong though.


there are a few ppl who have Infinity War 4k bluray early take a look on instragram under the #bluray


Honestly, I would suspect more of the same from Disney. Hell, they are not even doing Dolby Vision on disc anymore so…


I just ordered the 4k G.I. Joe films from Amazon UK. I saw them fall off the lists too. I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but I’ll buy them in whatever region they sell in.

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On the EU they were available just 1 day after release date. Luckily I live in Europe, I ordered them from Amazon UK and it only took 2 days to arrive. Don’t know how many days it can take to ship to US though.


I went back and forth on whether to import them, but the truth is I am not particularly fond of any of those movies. Yes, I have bought plenty of movies at this point that I do not really like, but I am not about to pay a premium for them just to say I have them.


That’s exactly what I think, and more when you double dip & upgrade from the BD. Then I started to sell those old BDs for 5-10€ each depending on the movie and the edition of the movie itself. I get a small margin back, at the end I end up paying more or less about 5€ more per title.


That’s it exactly. I already own them on BD and really can’t justify them again at a premium given I really don’t like them.


Has anyone got their hands on Transporter 3 & Marrowbone yet?? Don’t know what’s with Europe they’re being constantly delayed.


My Transporter 3 shipped, but I won’t have it until Wednesday. Marrowbone still hasn’t shipped and I may check Best Buy tomorrow if it doesn’t ship tonight.


Strangely Transporter 3 now has been dispatched although not even having a release date on the site I’m buying this. Marrowbone however seems to be impossible to get anywhere here, if you get it please share opinions in picture & audio quality :slight_smile: