Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Now that I travel weekly I find myself with time to watch movies on the plane or at the hotel, but not very often the 4K copy at home. I am pretty much to the point of one a week. Watched Creed II last night and attempted to watch The Fog as well, but fell asleep…

I definitely consume far more TV then movies anymore. It’s just way more convenient to snag 45 minutes of free time than 90-120 in one sitting.

I never went back and got the 4K version of Stranger Things season 1. Since it didn’t have HDR or lossless audio I decided it just wasn’t worth the effort. At least they rectified things with season 2.


Here’s another @Soulstone: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Mortal-Engines-4K-Blu-ray/226399/#Review

Consensus seems to indicate it looks and sounds great, but the movie is a big disappointment. Mine is here Tuesday :slight_smile:


mine too. and the 3D version as well

i been able to snag 3D versions from zavvi for most movies. some are quite excellent in terms of 3D. Solo 3D is “ok”.

still nothing touches The Hobbit trilogy in 3D.


Thanks @Balthazar2k4 I’ll give it a read! Mine should be here next Friday.


Got an early copy of Fantastic Beasts 2, anyone else finds the audio a bit crappy? It’s not Disney level, but I have to up the bass and volume a little bit, I found a bit of dynamic range missing specially at the end in the big “magic showdown”. I never thought I was going to say that from a warner tittle but there it is.

The Audio is encoded at 16 bit not 24, why? I don’t know why they chose to encode Creed II 24 bit audio but not this huge blockbuster. The only other 16 bit Atmos I have is The Meg and that was a pretty good encode.


16 bit really? bit depth is more important than sampling rate.

one wonders if they are using the stuff they peddle for streaming services onto uhd media to save cost anywhere tney can…


Yes, it might have to do with using the same mix for streamming like Disney does…
But I don’t think so, as the dynamics where not Atmouse level. Still, as I said before, The Meg is 16 bit and I have 0 issues with the mix, they must be doing something more. With Creed 2 the mix was dynamic (24 bit, not reference mix as there are plot limitations, but dynamic mix).

They must be doing something weird with their blockbuster mixes. I heard some reviewers are saying Aquaman is 10/10 reference, so maybe it’s just on some specific titles, but what’s clear is that they’re not treating their sound equally in action movies.
I think no one would mind “Disney-ing” Creed 2 or “A star is born” in exchange for a proper bassy and dynamic Fantastic Beasts 2. (Maybe it’s just my opinion).