Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Anyone heard of details for UHD BD releases for the rest of GOT? Re-watching it prior the S8 release and have S1 in UHD BD from last year but the rest are just BD.


I’ve also been wondering that. I want all seasons on UHD, my best guess is that maybe they’ll just release the full 7 extra seasons when S8 is out on Blu-ray (expect December or March 2020)


+1. hoping the S1 UHD set sold well.

i’d repurchase all the seasons on UHD


Got the GoT Season 1 UHD. 4 discs fully packed, each around 100GB. Sweet.


Got Wreck it Ralph 2. Again, annoyed by Disney’s Atmos dropouts. Didn’t have much to complain about the dynamics, since on my setup once crancked the volume 5db and the bass it was rumbling nicely. I’m all set if Disney continues with these audio dynamic as it was there, only lowered in volume.

What I can’t stand are the dropouts…anyone has any clue why Disney keeps doing this? I can’t take any excuses now as they make more money than the other studio and have so much to spare…


Check the audio bitrate with mediainfo. For whatever reason Disney has a habit of using really high bitrate audio. I would suspect this one is the same.


Mediainfo reports 4.3 Mbps and max of 6.2. I think it’s just Disney’s Atmos encoding, I mean why do they even get away with this? It’s not like it’s the only issue with their soundtracks.

I’ve got tons of high bitrate Atmos tracks from other studios and they don’t do this. Universal, Lionsgate and sometimes Fox also do high bitrate audios, many are from 5-8 Mbps and there are few if any droupouts at all.

GOG 2, Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War had maybe 2 dropouts the whole movie. GOG 2 was like 8 Mbps. Cars 3, Coco and Incredibles 2 were so far the most annoying ones, literaly a quarter of the movie were dropouts in my specific setup.


That’s definitely not high bitrate. I believe Pirates of the Caribbean was up around 11mbps. It is most likely a mastering issue. No surprise that it continues to be an issue, Disney isn’t known for their meticulous nature when it comes to home video releases.


Yes I got Pirates of the Caribbean but I don’t experience much dropouts, there are a couple but nothing too annoying, with Incredibles 2, Ralph 2, Coco and Cars 3 I had to switch to the original disc instead of my backup MKV


Any chance the audio dropouts from Disney are related to seamless branching? Are all of these titles mastered with seamless branching? Is there a title with Atmos dropouts that is all contained in one m2ts on the disc? I have a feeling it could be due to the frames overlapping. It would be interesting to test and see if it always occurred when branching from one m2ts to another. I do not have an Atmos setup yet, so I’m interested in someone testing this theory. Disney has a habit of implementing seamless branching often.


Hendrik/Nev (LAV Author) did another fix and it is working for me. FYI - He compared the output of LAV to that from the included Windows bit-streaming package and they are now have identical outputs.


Anyone picked up Mortal Engines? Haven’t seen it yet and can’t find any early reviews


Here you go: https://www.avsforum.com/mortal-engines-ultra-hd-blu-ray-review/


Thanks! I don’t understand how do they rate in their reviews, they gave the atmos track from the UHD 94/100 and the one from the BD 100/100…they’re the same track.

Anyways, guess I’ll have to pre-order it, looks like a reference disc.


Yeah, it’s a bit confusing. Not sure why Ralph chose to do it that way, but in essence the Dolby Atmos score is the Atmos itself. The Audio rating is for the TrueHD portion. Notice the scoring for the Atmos section has criteria such as level of immersion and soundstage integration while the audio section has scoring for dynamics and low frequency effects.


It’s confusing anyway, it can be a bit misleading but thanks for the explanation, I’ve just pre-ordered it.

By the way, anyone has Captain America? Just to hear some real thoughts, since reviews are really really mixed up. I’m just waiting for the trilogy boxset on April.


I have it, but haven’t watched it. The only thing I have done to this point is copy it to my server. I suffer from “so many movies, so little time…”


I feel you, I have at least 20 UHD’s that I haven’t watched yet.


I’m an order of magnitude worse… I probably have close to 400 I haven’t watched yet…


i’ve been trying to watch a couple a week. in 1 hour increments. the problem for me is two fold:

time and energy. hard to not fall asleep sitting still for 2 hours. finding tv episode like viewing to work for me. and 1 hour is doable from a time perspective.

speaking of tv episodes, about finally done with season 1 of Westworld and going to start Season 2 of Straner Things. still have to remux the better audio from the blu version of Season 1 to the UHD of season 1 as well. i am not sure what is worse, buying movies and not watching them or buying multiple versions to combine the beter audio and video from each! and not watching them…