Upcoming and Current UHD-BD Titles


Thought it might be good to create a topic for discussion around both upcoming and existing UHD-BD titles. Here we can discuss things like video and audio quality of the discs or rumors of new releases. This should help to de-clutter the discussion happening over in the Title Support List.


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Have there been any 4K releases with exclusive bonus content, or do they just bundle the standard BR bonus content? I’m curious what specific UHD extras are out there currently.


Good question. I believe the answer is ‘yes’ to the question whether there are some titles with exclusive content, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. I barely have time anymore to even watch a movie little less the bonus content. I am sure someone else can chime in on this one.


My current annoyance with the Double Dips on UHD BD is they seem to only put out the Theatrical Versions, where as the (bundled) BD will have the seamless branching authoring with both the Theatrical and Alt Versions (Alt Endings, Directors Cuts, etc).


I absolutely agree there. I am sure it is a cost factor though. Having to re-scan or upscale to 4K isn’t exactly cheap. I think the situation is better on UHD-BD than streaming as the extended version almost never finds itself in 4K whereas it might on disc.


Honestly, I haven’t seen one that has UHD extras. I haven’t researched this or anything, I’m just going off what I remember, but all the money people are putting into these re-releases and new titles, they ought to try to make them as appealing as possible if they want to keep physical media profitable.


I wasn’t meaning to imply the extras themselves would be in UHD. I used to spend time watching extras, but anymore I don’t give it much thought.


There are many with some level of “Special Features” like Commentaries, Trailers, Cast and Crew pics. Most are… dull… Best so far is probably GOT S1D4 for me. No different from the BD versions but at least it is on the UHD Discs.


when and if the hobbit and lord of the rings movies come out in 4K, if they are not the Extended Editions then i will be furious and skip them in 4K.

i think The Martian in 4K is the extended edition. i was bothered the 3D version is also only the theatrical version


Close Encounters, Independence Day, Gladiator, Batman v Superman, and Blade Runner also offer the extended versions in 4K.


I know some of the UHD releases have bonus material, what Pans was asking and I was referring to is the bonus material exclusive to the UHD BDs. I think it’s just the same material on the standard BDs, they just bundle it with the UHD discs.


In homage to the Predator Trilogy coming next month to 4K BD, how sweet is this going to be? http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Predator-4K-Blu-ray/206291/ I’m assuming it will be native 4K resolution, I just hope the CG doesn’t look too soft. What I really am excited for is the Atmos track, I’m sure it’ll be a good one!


I checked it out on iTunes as I am assuming it is most likely the same transfer and it is a HUGE improvement over all of the BD releases. I am excited to check it out on disc as it will have even more bitrate to work with.


That shoulden be hard to do, since all the BD releases sucks when it comes to pic quality


1&2 likely got a 4K scan from the 35mm film, but Predators was shot during the early digital days. From what I can tell, the original source was 1080p.


Predator was one of the early films on BD to suffer the anti-grain curse

as a consequence it looms like watching wax figures. completely unnatural looking

i think i may own three copies now - dvd, bd, bd 3D

this will be the 4th!


Was reading the Wikipedia entry for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol which mentions the home releases from 2012 didn’t switch between the regular and Imax aspect ratios.

Anyone here know if the UHD version does? This AVSforum OP lists it as remaining constrant but since it’s under the section ‘Blu-Ray or UHD’ it’s unclear if this actually does affect the UHD release since the release is from 2018 not the 2012 Blu-Ray (which I’ve read is a different transfer).

Edit: unless by ‘Blu-Ray or UHD’ they mean the included BR that comes with the UHD? Could be.

Edit 2: not related to the above but looking through some of the Blu-ray.com review screenshots for the film (they seem to be finally capturing and uploading at native 4K for reviews now thankfully) and good lord, what is this colored blocking artifiacting in the skies? Same is present in other shots like this one. It’s horrendous. Can’t tell if it’s the HDR tonemapping itself causing this as their alternative, supposedly native HDR screenshot linked on the same pages looks identical (I don’t believe they captured the alternative screens with tonemapping disabled actually).


Unfortunately, the situation remains unchanged on UHD-BD. Ghost Protocol does not shift aspect ratios for the IMAX scenes. A lost opportunity IMO.

As for those horrible screenshots, well, I can only attribute that to the compression in the screengrab itself. I just watched both of those scenes and saw nothing like what is shown.


I see. Good to know the image quality in those captures also isn’t representative of the source, thanks.