Unwritten stripes on dvd?

DVD writer: Samsung SH-S182M
OS: Windows XP sp2
Soft: Nero Burning ROM
DVD: Ricoh DVD+R 1-16x 4,7G
no unnecessary programs running while burning (except firewall (Outpost Pro) and antivirus (Nod 32)).

About 20% of discs (8 of 42) written have these circular stripes in it and the discs are unreadable. My question is: colud this be because some software misconfiguration and I can fix it by reinstalling windows (or even easyer?) or do I need to buy a new DVD writer?
I will try to attach a sample image of one of the discs. (Note: the white dots are just some dust.) This particular disc has two noticeable stripes but some of them have more than ten with different widths. Almost all the stripes are in the inner half of the disc.

Any help is appreciated.


My guess is your burner doesn’t like that media. My TS-H653L (rebadged SH-S183L) has the same issue with some media but works fine with other media (It loves Verbatim: burns to them almost as good as my Pioneer does)

My guess is your burner doesn’t like that media.

Sounds reasonable. You could try a burn with ImgBurn and carefully watch while it is burning and look for any odd slowdowns/speed changes during the burn.