Unwanted filesize limits?




Blu-ray Ripper - to AVI (xvid):

When I set the Fixed File Size to any random value it seems the program just ignores it every time. No clue why.

Source: 00000.m2ts 22.4 GB, 1920x1040, audio1: DTS(disabled), audio2:AC3 5.1 448kbps (enabled)

Profile: “avi.xvid.ac3” 720x390, Auto crop, Fixed File Size: 2200 MB, 2-pass encoding. Audio output format: 448kbps, 5.1, ac3 (there is no option or profile to ‘audiocopy’ don’t know why)

After the encoding the output file is around only 1,5GB no matter what. I tried some minor things to make it bigger like set Fixed Bitrate to around 1700kbps but the filesize does not go any larger.

Furthermore when I set the Fixed file size and then go to Video Effects Settings panel, then click an OK with or without change anything, on the Conversion Settings panel the Fixed Filesize automatically changes back to 1990 MB. The profile is still “avi.xvid.ac3” not the “avi(2gb-).xvid.ac3”.

Do you have any idea what can I do?


forgot the version.
DVDFab v8.1.0.1