Unusually slow burn with sohw-832s

I used memorex dvd-r 4x (i know its not the best but i got some left over)

and well anwyas, it took 43 mins to burn full dvd, i ddi notice on the adding file screen, the lil redl ine that shows when u go over was at like 8 or something, seemed as if it was recognized as DL media, but it said burspeed 4x

i used the nero oem it came with

here is a probe of the dbvd i burned (i burned a DVD movie on to it)

firmware is VS04

well apparently DMA mode wasnt enabled, PIO was, but like i can play this on my dvd player, so what exactly is this test telling me?

i can also play this on my dvd playter, burned it with my 811S

another one with my 832, why does it always happen towards the end? and if it reads fine, then so what?