Unusually high PIE's YUDEN000T02

this is Sony branded YUDEN000T02 burned at 8x. i’ve burned many of this same batch with my DW1640 and my DW1650 (no longer own it, sold it) and the PIE’s are consistent throughout the burn. however, ive tried burning the same discs with my DVR-111D (w/DVR-111L TDB 8.29 fw) and this is what i get. i’ve also tried the official pioneer DVR-111D 1.29 firmware with similar results. i realize the PIE’s are totally acceptable, but i’m wondering if anyone else is getting scans like this with their YUDEN000T02? i’ve now burned about 5 of these with the same results (high PIE’s up to just before the 0.5 mark).

ive had some ty discs like that from one tub, they burnt ok and seem fine. must be just a batch variation but i could be wrong.

The Pioneer 111 employs a Z-CLV strategy for 8x DVD burning. It may be possible that buggy firmware support leads to the first zone being “broken”.
This scan is ok though, and should not be problematic. My Ritek scans look worse! :wink:

most of my ritek scans looked great when burnt, but look pretty bad now. luckily most are still readable so ive managed to reburn em onto more stable discs.

Imho, the burn is great and the high PIEs observed (tower like, at the beginning) are not uncommon on certain batches of TY.

i know the PIE’s are totally acceptable and the scan is pretty good. but when i burn these with my DW1640 and DW1650, the PIE’s are always under 12 max.

i’ve seen others burn YUDEN000T02 without the high PIE’s at the beginning. maybe it is just my particular batch not liking my pioneer drive.