Unusual Problems...is my new drive dead (182M)

Hello to everybody
It seems i need some help
Last week i returned my faulty NEC -4571A and got for replacement a new SH-182M.
Reading of how grat drive is this i considered myself to be lucky.
I started by formating my DVD+RW discs which all came bad with my old NEC and everything seemed OK.
The troubles beginned when my cousin brought to me to backup an old XBOX game he had becuase it had some scratches.
After searching i found the right utilities and i made an .iso
I burned the .iso and there was the 1st problem …Verify failed…Nero seems it couldn’t read some sectors:confused::confused:
So i tried another media (the 1st was Maxell i went to Taiyo) and again the same error.:a:a
I tried another burner sweet as every normal burn with verify and everything.
I flashed the firmware to SB05 ( it was SB03) and gave another try.
I burned again the same .iso on a DVD +RW…success although the verifying was way slow at x1.9…???
I guessed the media was bad
I then tried to burn a movie i got for a newspaper offer that was scratched.
I made again an image and the burning went smooth with verify…?
Happy after this burning i had to burn a rather big video from vacations to DVD+R DL…the drive had just regained my trust.
So i inserted the disc hit burn and went off to do some housework.
After a few minutes when i returned to my rig a nice window had popped from Nero informing that a Power Calibration Error occured at lead in (if i remember correctly…but it was just at the burning beginning)
I wanted to break it in small pieces 2.5€ disc is way expensive to die .
I checked the disc from under and had some weird burning marks like the beam burn about 2mm -5mm then lifted off for about 2mm-5mm and then again.
In my nerves i pushed the disc again in the drive and hit burn…amazingly it was burned but it was useless…it messaged again at lead out…:a:a
Last odd thing was about 1 hour ago when i restarted my system and durning OS loading i pressed the button of the drive to check if there was any disc and frozen wide open…i pushed it back by hand but it couldn’t close correctly.
I switch off the power ( it is on a USB external enclosure) and it came back to life closing correctly.
In Tuesday i have a chance of returning it to shop i bought it (lucking they will accept it is just a week old and comes from a return) …but i dont want to do it if it is OK.
ANy help much appreciated.

It’s probably the enclosure. What kind is it?

I would scrap the Nero and switch to IMGburn, (it’s a free program).
Then I would stick to 16X +R discs and burn them at 8X.
I burn a lot of DVDs with my SH-182M. and using that combination I can buy the cheapest discs on sale and burn them as a background process without ever worrying about having a burn failure.

If you have to use a DL disc, make sure it’s a Verbatum and you’ll have the best chance for success. Again, burn it at half the rated speed.

The enclosure is a plain USB 5.25 enclosure from vipower

Hi,[QUOTE=masteripper;1918885]The enclosure is a plain USB 5.25 enclosure from vipower[/QUOTE]Could you provide some information about its chipset please? You might have to open the enclosure for this purpose and have a look onto the biggest chip.

There are only few USB/IDE chips that can handle UDMA2 drives like the Samsungs without major problems. One of those positive examples are NEC chips that are also used in Samsung’s retail external units.

To sort out if the issues are related to the enclosure, you may try the drive installed internally.


When i get back to my home i will check it

Well the chip it says “GL811E”…i don’t know if this can help

Well something new…while scanning a disc i got “Illegal mode for this track”

Hi,[QUOTE=masteripper;1919076]Well the chip it says “GL811E”…i don’t know if this can help[/quote]This does help. :iagree:
My GL811 based enclosure (ViPower 6228T) doesn’t like my 182D either. But it does fine with my Liteon DVDRW, which is an UDMA 4 drive: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f143/external-enclosures-genesys-logic-vs-cypress-190288/

Well something new…while scanning a disc i got "Illegal mode for this track"
Another indication for interface issues.


Last night got one more…it refused to see an empty DVD…and then it refused to eject it…i had to cut the power and again …???
IS the NEC 7173 drive considered to work OK with this enclosure??? i had a 4571A good writer awfull reader who was working rather good with this enclosure…i probably go out and replace my samsung

Hi,[QUOTE=masteripper;1919636]Last night got one more…it refused to see an empty DVD…and then it refused to eject it… (…)
IS the NEC 7173 drive considered to work OK with this enclosure?[/quote]I have no experience at all with NEC drives. So I’d recommend to ask in the NEC forum, but don’t forget to mention the chipset of your enclosure.

i probably go out and replace my samsung
Trying the Samsung internally would be an excellent idea.


Well is history i replaced it with a nec 7173a…1st test seemed OK…hopefully this will the end of my troubles.