Unusual problem



Hello all…newbie here…here is my problem…I am using nero 6.3 to burn dvd’s. I am on a different computer than my hardware at the moment, if specifics are needed I wil post them a little later. Anyway…I have downloaded vob files for two concerts to my hard drive. On the first one, I drop the vob files in the video-ts folder and burn with no problem, it plays fine on my standalone, same exact process on concert 2, and i get a no disc message on my stadalone player. I used the exact same media (dvd+r) on both, one works, one does not. I have re-burned concert 2 about 3 times now, I get the same no disc message every time. Any ideas out at anyone?




First of all I would upgrade your Nero to and see if you can now succeed at burning the vob file-



difficult to know exactly. i think you got lucky with the first vob. normally u cannot just dump a vob into a video_ts, burn it to dvd and expect it to play on a standalone. u first need to do some basic authoring…http://www.videohelp.com/forum/userguides/120021.php



Thanks for the advice…I went ahead and upgraded. Here is where my inexperience comes in…I thought I had authored the files…here’s a picture of my folder, and these are the files I added to the video_ts folder and burned.
I know I am missing something, probably really stupid…but at least I will never have another ring on any table in my house.
Could it be a pal vs ntsc issue?



I am also getting an “can’t be played because of area limitations” message when I put the disc in the standalone…


Could be bad data if you’re ripping stuffs from the internet.


I was wondering about that possibility, so I downloaded a third show, and made about 6 coasters on that one as well. That still does not prove it was or was not bad data. Though all the dvd’s I have burned will play in the pc, whatever that means. I am going to go back through the 10 newbie tips, buy a little higher quality media and see where that gets me. the frustrating thing is I am pretty sure it’s an operator error somewhere along the line.