Unusual problem in full disc mode

i have the latest 1.1.1 version and my problem is when i back up spiderman region2 pal i get a converted file that is to big to fit on a blank disc.
i have set the the box to 4472 so i don’t understand what is going on, any suggestions?
i have seen a previous reference by a member relating to “the ring” in an earlier post but no satisfactory answer.

try setting it to 4444.

can you explain why???
i thought default setting was 4472 which should fit on dvdr so why is dvd2one producing directory where files are to big?

the default settings work fine for me.
i suggested the 4444 setting b/c i’ve read in many threads that that fixes the problem.
don’t know why…have to ask rene.

rene, can you offer us advice please.

I tried to back up I_SPY and the file size turns out bigger than 4.7GB. I changed the file size from default 4472MB to 4372MB and this works ok with the newly regenerated file. I have the same question, why does specifying 4472MB works for some movie( like TRUE LIES which is more than 7GB) but not work for other movies? It would be great if anyone can shed some light on this. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great product. If this is a bug, I would like the creator(RENE) to be aware of.

i was beginning to think it was only me that was getting this problem.
i have pm rene to see if he can provide information/feedback.

it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :slight_smile:

Seriously, the predicting engine in the current version can’t do a dead-on lock on the endsize since it’s to depended on several other things in the re-compression engine.
So sometimes a movie comes out a bit longer then expected, and there’s no real other solution then just setting the size a bit lower and re-doing the movie.

The prediction engine we are developing at this moment will be more acurate in predicting the end size. But this engine is very very unstable at this moment. I expect it to be build in the 1.2.x version of DVD2one.

thankyou for your pm and advice ReneB.
i had assumed the endsize was completely accurate and dvd2one simply compressed to that setting.
please continue to develop this superb dvd backup software and credit to what you already have achieved.

i read couple days ago in some post about using magic nb 4452
i use it all time(4 DVD’s) Full disc mode and all coming out=4.35GB:D

4472 is a risico on full disc
4472 on movie only is no probs
always 4.36 exact :bow:

btw great quality on alot DVD9’s
keep up the great work :wink: