Unusual out of sync .avi file

i have an .avi file when played on wmp, is totally out of sync. not the usual few seconds delay but in this cases the picture moves much faster than d sound. the sound is at normal rate but the picture races ahead.

when i play is on divx player, it gets stuck at the start but when i scroll ahead then it becomes ok…no out of sync.

when i play it on vlc player, everything’s fine. is there any way to fix it so i can play it properly on wmp?

yes you can fix avi files
download the last version of kazaa codec pack
in this codec pack you ll find an utility
avi fixed
also you can use that ptogram called video fixer you can found that using google
i hope your movie would be ok

videofixer can’t fix my file :frowning:

any other programs besides kazaa codec pack?

try divfix. also load the avi in avicodec, Gspot, or Virtualdub (all free) and check the audio and video to see if they are the same length. the problem can be fixed bit you might have to de-mux the audio and video and adjust the length of the audio/video to match and re-mux the two. doesn’t take long to do. IMO I would stay away from codec paks. to many ppl have conflicting problems. Install a codec only when/if it’s needed.