Unused dru710a what to do?

Hello all

Was just digging through a box and come across a never used dru710a (ce7)

Any good?

Just wondered what the best thing to do with it would be re firmware and stuff

Maybe stop me from going out and buying that Lite-on I have been eyeing

Nice one

Surely someone must have a good idea for this old gem

I had 1 and it didn’t survive 2 months and about 50burns… lol.
IT’s a liteon rebaged drive, u can flash with a liteon fw.


You can flash it with the LiteOn SOHW-1653S CS0T FBDX firmware. It’ll give you some moderately fast 12x burns with a decent quality. And since the drive was never good at 16x, this may be a good thing.


Nice one

Just a quickie, not to question your wisdom but is the unit a rebadged 1633 or 1653

Is this also better than the codeking byx5 fw


[QUOTE=djphilos;1975902]Nice one

Just a quickie, not to question your wisdom but is the unit a rebadged 1633 or 1653

Is this also better than the codeking byx5 fw


That wouldn’t really matter cause it’s all the same hardware. Going from memory, I believe Sony increased the max. burn speeds with a firmware update (staying with the same 710A model no. for both 1633 and 1635 equivalents). BYX5 is very good, but this is an older generation burner, so don’t go using any newer unknown media with it (in other words, stick to known good media and burn at moderate speeds).

Yep, they both have the same hardware, and we crossflashed between the two. If you use CK’s FW, you won’t have to worry about doing any modifications; they have already been done.

You see, LiteOn initially was seemingly going to give SOHW-1633S users the benefits of a 1653S. They released a firmware, BS41, that was basically a 1653S firmware modified for the 1633S. But LO never released an update for BS41, and went back to the original 1633S speeds, having separate FW for the 1633S and 1653S.

Sony, around the same time, did the same thing for the DRU-710A, counting it as an upgrade. However, they stayed with the 1653S-type firmwares for a few releases, with the last FW update for the drive being BYX5.

So you can use either CK’s modified CS0T for the 1653S, or you can use BYX5. They are both the latest and [somewhat] greatest for the drive series. :iagree:

Thanks once again, think I will try the CSOT

Is this drive particularly good in a specific area?

At the mo I am using a BenQ 1620 :bow:reading and write testing
and a Pioneer 111 for writ:Ding

It’s good for scanning. It’s also got good error correction for ripping. It will be a mite touch slow for DVD ripping, though. But it’ll usually be error-free.

Also, the drive likes to burn DVD+R over DVD-R. Just ensure that you don’t go over 12x, and you stay with well known media [YUDEN000 T02, MCC 004, MCC 003, YUDEN000 T03, etc] and you will be fine. If you go shopping in the retail channels, get Verbatim or Sony DVD media for widest compatibility.

Chances are, much of the media under the Memorex, Imation, and TDK brands don’t have the best support, so try to stay away from them. But if you have no other alternative, they will do. :iagree:

And as a little help tip: watch out for the CD capabilities of the drive. This LiteOn series had issues where the CD support could become broken. It varies by drive, and it may not even occur with your drive. Just a heads-up. :wink:


Yeah, I have just bought a batch of silver top Verb TY 03 dvd+r so I will flash her up and give her a go

I have some Ricoh japan 03 dvd+r which I absolutely loved burning in my Bennie until recently, getting some poor results on the burn, reading still A1 ?

Anyhoo, will let you know how it goes