Unsure if it's my burner or windows thats causing problem

Hey guys,

I am running Win XP pro sp1
Pioneer DVD-rw Dvr-108 OEM havent updated the firmware

I put a game into the dvd-rom drive and it did not autorun i right click and the autoplay option isnt there. So I rebooted my computer and when it came up it worked it read the cd and had the autplay and even started installing then got prompted during the setup to insert disc 2 but when i went to put in disc 2 it did not detect it i went into my computer and explored the drive and it had the exact same files as the first cd which isnt correct no matter how many refreshes i did it was always the same thing.

I even tried another game and it does the same thing

So after a reboot my computer detects the disk but as soon as i press eject it will no longer detect a disc until i reboot. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance