Unsupported maxtor Drive w/maxblast 4

I just bought a maxtor ata/100 80gb hard drive.
I downloaded the new max blast 4 and when I went to format and partition the new hard drive it states it is a unsupported hard drive.
I tried my other harddrives from floppy as well and they are recognized and I cant wipe them if I wanted.
But the new one isnt showing up.
I cant write zeros to it under maxblast 4 either. It just stays put at 0%.
So I ran powermax v.4.23. Ran the basic and advance test. Passed all tests. Wrote the quick zero test from powermax and it worked.
Went back into max blast and it still shows it as a unsupported device.
Anyone ever have this problem?

I checked bios settings all appears to be ok. The drive is recognized after the system checks the memory on startup. Lists drive and firmware. The drive is set to master and I dont have any other hdd’s hooked up. Disconnected all of them to limit the possible problems.