Unsuccessful cloning of a game CD



I own a the MS Flight Simulator 2004, I purchased the package and all, but to play you have to have the disc 4 inserted in the drive. My disc 4 is deteriorating over time and want to make a copy for myself, but I have not been able to. I have the latest paid AnyDVD, the CloneCD (from Elby) and still can’t make it work. Is it possible to clone it at all?


Well if I remember Right MS Flight Simulator 2004 is a butt to copy. So I doubt it will work with out emulating the last cd. You need to get deamon’s Tools. Then go over to the tutorials section a look for HOW TO CREATE A MINI IMAGE. If you need any more help just come back to this thread and ask.


Thread moved to the Newbie Forum. I think you may get more help there. :slight_smile:


Get clone cd and a program called clony which will tell you the copy protection your dealing with. I use to do games all the time but it has been alot of years now so there could be different and better tools but those are the ones I used. Your burner also plays a role in wether it will do a successful burn. Burning games is a different ball game to burning movies so good luck on the reasearch and new skills your heading towards.


I doubt that will work considering what that copy protection is CdCLone doesn’t fight all protections it just skips errors. eestrada get array scanner and tell me what protection the disc is.