Unsubscribing to thread I'm not subcribed to

I replied to the longest thread in the world and now receive notices of all posts made to it. I tried to unsubscribe in Thread Tools, but the option I’m given is only to subscribe. I tried to subscribe so I could then unsubscribe but that didn’t work either. I subscibe to all threads I post in by default set in User CP, but I didn’t think that was an irreversible decision.

I do not wish to be advised of every post in the longest thread in the world for what could be the rest of my life. Advisement requested.

To unsubscribe from a thread you’re already subscribed to, you go to Quick Links => Subscribed Threads.

Then you click in the Notification column for the thread(s) you want to unsubscribe from and select Delete Subscription from the Selected Threads menu at the bottom, and then press on the [Go] button.

To change the default subscription type for future threads that you post in, you go to Edit Options in the User CP (Control Panel). Then you change the Default Thread Subscription Mode to the desired value (I prefer No email notification) and click on the [Save Changes] button.

Wilco. Done. I think it worked. Thanks. Out.