Unstable system


I’ve got a problem with my pc and I’ve run out of ideas/ways to try to find/solve the problem. The problem is that my pc hangs at irregular times for several second with no responding. The system has been tested in the store and they could not find any problem. But if you ask me they couldn’t sovle it themselfs.

What have I done till now?

  1. Used a lot of system tools.
  2. Changed almost my complete hardware (power supply, videocard, motherboard, CPU, memory)
  3. Uninstalled several software from my pc

But I still haven’t found what is causing this problem. I’m getting pretty desperate. Does anyone have an idea or tricks of what I can do?

System configuration:

PIV 3.0GHz
1GB Corsair Memory
Asus P4P800 Motherboard
Saphire X800 Pro 256Mb
NEC 2500A CD/DVD Writer
Plextor PX-116A3 CD/DVD-player
Seagate 160Gb 8Mb
Maxtor 80Gb 2Mb
Zalman 400W Power Supply

Software is usually the culpret behind this sort of thing. But occasionally, a failing hard drive can lock up a system. This would typically be accompanied by an audible “click”. You can download and run full drive diagnostics from the drive’s maker. Also run Windows chkdisc test.

if you have changed a lot of hardware, it may be the drivers left over from your old hardware, for piece of mind i’d reinstall windows (IMO)

does it do this when just idling along or when you are playing a game/ dvd video or some specific program?

if it does it idling i would open taskmgr and set the CPU column as the master and see if there is a program peaking it out causing the lock.

other tools i would consider are filemon and sysmon from sysinternals site to see what is hitting around the time it pauses

other than that a format might be in order to see if it does it… actually before i would format i would try it in safe mode to see if it does the same thing there. if it does it there also i would say that it is hardware based

Another weird thing is that when I was examening the problem en removed hardware components, one at a time, my pc showed no problems for a few days and then start again. When I remove software, it last a shorter time.

It doesn’t matter what I do on my pc. Idle, gaming, movie, office. I’ve used the task manager to look if the problem was an executable-file that took a lot of my CPU. But the problem is that during the “hanging-time” it cannot show anything.

Formatting my hardisk was done, several times and needed off course when I installed new hardware (motherboard…)

From your reply’s (thanks by the way!) I can conclude that it has nothing to do with my hardware. Thing is that I can’t test my powersupply, although it is only approximately 6 months old. The rest of my hardware showed no errors from the tests I’ve done.

Also the only hardware I’ve recoverd from my previous pc is my 80Gb hardisk, my CD/DVD player and writer, my diskette-drive and soundcard (Creative Soundblaster Live!). But I bought a new Seagate harddrive and used it without attaching my Maxtor 80Gb in the beginning. But problem kept comming back. And I also removed my soundcard for a while to see if maybe that caused the problem. Nope of course :confused:

The Filemon program looks a good option to me, I’ll try it right away. And if that doesn’t work, I can try safe mode. However, I can’t do things I normally do in normal mode, in safe mode…

I think by now you can understand how frustrating this is to me :doh:

System hanged agian for a few second and I had Filemon running. The only executable that was running, was winamp. Nothing abnormal. Pfff…

Any new suggestions?

Just tryed Norton Systemwork tools also, but didn’t help.

Check and test your RAM. :iagree:

That would be to much of a coincidence. Since I had it with my previuos configuration and my current new configuration.

I’ve used Dr Hardware 2006 for benchmarking, buth nothing seemed to be wrong. Or do you propose an other program?

I don’t get mutch respond lately. I have another question. Is it possible that my power supply causes this problem?

power supply usually reboots or just shut down the system. does your video card have a heatsink & fan.

I’ve had two videocard during this problem. One had no fan (passive cooled), my current one does have a fan.

The story continues: I recently bought me a new power supply (560W Thermaltake, with a built in safety, wich turn off my compmuter when the maximum capacity is exceeded).

Now, when my computer has to work harder, like playing games or encoding music/movies, my power supply shuts my computer down after a relatively short time.

Seems to me that there’s a connection between the problem written above en what recently is happening. Not?

Any suggestions?

what are your temperatures running? cpu, idle & load? Mainboard?

what kind of cooling is on the P4?