Unstable Internet Connection

My friends having a problem with the internet. He on cable, and every few minutes it turns off and on for no reason. He’s using an onboard ethernet card and windows XP. The internet connection is fine since its on my computer, so thats not the problem. Any ideas what would cause this?

Does it go through a router in anyway. I have been having problems with mine ever since I installed the my D-Link wireless router. I have not fixed it yet though. But sometimes it won’t drop all day long, but others times like 10-20 times during the day. BTW, I am no the one getting the wireless signal.

If you have a router I suggest that you disconnect the router and hook up the computer directly to the modem/tp jack. Keep in mind that you MUST have a working firewall before connecting otherwise you’ll most likely face a reinstall of Windows. Also grab Ad-aware and Spybot to remove ad-/spyware (if any) and also do a virus scan. If the problem still persists call the customer support and file a support ticket. If it stops it’s your router to blame.

I have cable connected to 4 port switch/router and 3 computers. One with WinXP and IE 6.0 SP2 constantly giving “Page can not be displayed” message. 2 others with Win98/IE 6.0 work fine at the same time. Probably this is problem in IE 6 with SP2.