"UnSplit" feature to join "Split" DVDs created with various software



It was suggested by one of the software authors I start this poll.

A feature I would like added has been named “UnSplit”.

Various DVD copy software will “Split” a DVD-9 into two DVD-5s.
This is done so the quality & content can remain the same as on the commercial movie DVD. Then written to two DVD5(single layer) discs.

The problem is when someone with the two DVD-5s wants to rip them back to the hard drive to “UnSplit” them to create a DVD-9 like the original . With the original menu & any extras they left in. With the original menu working.
One reason for this would be the original commercial DVD has been damaged beyond copying .

Many of the DVD copy software has a “Merge” feature but this will at best create a “movie only” copy without menu. Usually the time is incorrect . Basically the first disc data plays & shows the time for it. Followed by a short duration blank screen then the second disc data with only it’s time .
So the poll is to ask would you like an “UnSplit” feature added to software that has a “Split” feature ?
One that would recreate the original DVD-9 from two “Split” DVD-5s.


I myself am not into splitting movies onto two DVDs however to those who are this feature may come in handy, course since developers have different ways of writing programs the un-split feature may work on split files done by another software that also has the split function.


I agree with you SJ . The un-split feature of one software may not work with another.
I would probably test it. If any software had it.
I guess fairly low interest in voting in the poll.


The feature would only be of limited use (e.g. in the circumstances you mentioned specifically above). In normal usage, particularly where the back-up is the disc or discs used, the original will be fine and one can simply do a fresh rip.