Unspecified target error DAO, fine otherwise on CDR



OK… I’m able to write a cd just fine without using Disc at Once (DAO), but as soon as I enable DAO I get an “unspecified target error” in the log.

I’m using a Plextor PX712SA SATA dvdrw drive with kernel 2.6.11, and can burn just fine on all media under Windows. What am I missing here?


(More on this… see post above)

Still having the same issue with CD-R discs. Had a chance to test DVD+R discs and fared similarly: a window pops up with an indication that it’s preparing to write; and it hangs there (I have to reboot before I try again, because the device seems to lock up). This was trying to write a simple 14 MB file to a dvd. Unfortunately I don’t have the option, with a DVD, to play with DAO settings.

Any ideas? I’m pretty much pulling my hair out over this…


I am still not able to get the Nero software to work with my SATA drive. I can burn CDs without DAO enabled; but enable DAO and the and DVDs simply hang the software and require a reboot. This is no longer a driver issue with the SATA chip as I’m also running two SATA hard drives off the same controller and they work beautifully; also, I can mount discs in the drive and read them just fine. Finally, I can use a normal IDE version of nearly the same drive (same brand, just newer with double layer capability) flawlessly. I would like to get this drive working completely with Nero. Anyone have ideas?