Unspecified Error

I recently began getting this message about an unspecified error a few minutes after i start to burn a blank DVD.
Im using Nero and have been for a long time- using the same burning media and burning the same files, this error only began the other day.
Only about one about of every 4 or 5 DVD-R will be successful, and varying the burn speed doesnt make a difference.
I can’t think of anything major that i have installed recently that would cause a conflict, unless it’s something commonly known that you might be aware of.
I’ve also run spy-bot 1.4 and it found nothing. I also did a complete scan with e-Trust as well as RegistryFix 5.5. Both found nothing wrong.

For a picture of the error take a look at this
or this

This is really annoying because it seems like it just started happening and iv’e searched for simmilar problems/solutions and can’t seem to find any that match.


sorry forgot to say i’m using nero 7 premium

Try to reinstall ( a full uninstall and install and not the “repair” function). I had the same problem as you. I tried changing speed, cache and whatever. Nothing worked. After reinstalling, i haven’t experienced any problems (I’ve burned about 100 dvd’s. Not a single one of them failed).