UnsecuRom and XP - Just a question

Can I use UnsecuRom with Xp?


UnSecurom?!? Sounds a bit shady to me…

UnSecuRom - is a tool used to unwrap a SecuRom protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files.

Why would you want to when you can try making a legit copy of your original game a try. Removing the protection and editing it is not what we are here to discuss(its in the rules of the forum). Why don’t you give us your rig setup and maybe we can help you make a normal working backup. Read the rules and FAQ and tell us all the details of what you have from game titel to software used to burner model.

Also I think the unsecurom you are referring to won’t work on the newest securom protection scheme anyway.

UnSecuRom - is a tool used to unwrap a SecuRom protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files.

Correct and accordingly its use is illegal.

In addition, as xtacydima pointed out, it won’t work with the latest versions of securom.

Thread closed.

As a complete noob I am not yet aware of what software does what, so my earlier post was in complete ignorance of the product and it’s affects.

This is a learning curve for me as with any newbie, as such I have read the Rules and the FAQs and many pages of this site both recent and via the search options.

The legallity of burning is restricted to one backup copy per person per game to be destroyed when no longer owned e&c. e&c.

I am not wishing to offend anyone or break any laws but I will not know what does what and why unless I and other newbies ask such questions.

Also as my thread was closed I wanted to thank Smabbage and xtacydima (and philamber) for thier replies.



Well in the last thread I did ask you to list what you have available. Your Lite-on burner should be capable of making a descent copy. Try it with clonecd, if you have version then get the profile Lite-On SecuRom [NEW] from the profiles sticky.

Read the disc and then you will need to use a program called twinpeaks on it. Using it and very insighful instructionas are in the very first sticky thread about copying new games like UT2003.

need twinpeak, here:

if you don’t have clonecd and need it (30 day trial)

Try that and see what happens. Then get back to us if it dont work. Also try good name brand media.

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Or use Alcohol120% or BlindWrite (at the moment my favorite).

Alcohol120%: http://www.alcohol-software.com/download.php

BlindWrite: http://www.vso-software.fr/download.htm

Cheers Chaps

I have made a successfull back up of Vietcong (see my thread in the Alcohol Forum) and it seems to work ok.

When burning am I right in the assumption the we can change, modify, manipulate, emulate or bypass the protection but we cannot remove it altogether?

Is there a page where I can find out what’s legal and what’s not.

P.S. What’s a sticky?

a sticky is thread that stays visible all the time, because it contains important info, tricks, guides etc that
mostly those threads contain a lott of answers on most questions…

read them first…and i think you will find 90% of your answers in all the stickies on the forum

The key is not to modify the data on the CD. The trick is to fool the guard module into letting you play the game. Once both tasks have been accomplished, you can put your original in a safe place and play the backup.

Yep, Smabbage is right. Just to elaborate, examples of modifying are also cracks, as they are re-written exe files. This is against the EULA of games and therefore a violation. The only thing not looked at as illegal is emulation in which one emulates the protection, which is why Dameon Tools is allowed. Emulation just sits behind the game while it runs an dduring an ddoesn’t in any way affect the files the game executed. Using programs that are unwrappers (ie: unsecurom) removes the protection and therefore also modifies the code from its original. That too is not allowed. I believe that that loaders are not allowed although this is contraversial I think because they use a program to load around the original exe file and therefore I think it should count as a form of emulation(Original exe is never modified). But discussing that would bring this thread completely off topic and many people have diff opinions, so lets not consider loaders at the moment. So far with very little exceptions all games can currently be copied. The only protection I can think of off hand that was never beaten was Tages and thats because only 1 game ever made used it… some car racing game… I forgets.

Originally posted by xtacydima
The only protection I can think of off hand that was never beaten was Tages and thats because only 1 game ever made used it

It has been beaten. Read all about Tages and its twinsectors in the post from spath in the Optical technical discussion forum.

On the frontpage you can find an article on Tages on a new game.

It has been beaten? I didn’t know. What software can copy it? I am very curious. I sometimes read the optical discussions I am interested in one person who is close to makeing a real copy os a PSX game with no mod chip required. I never saw anything on Tages there. I will look again but in case I don’t find it leave me a link or tell me how it was beaten.


just did a search and all. Nothing found on tages or defeating it anyway.

See this thread to see how tages is defeated.

(Of course, if you’re not a techie, you’re unlikely to be able to use the methods described there. :wink: )

I read that before, too much chat jargon, and I did actually understand almost all of it, but still see no actual piece of software rendered other than speculation and a program made by one of the experts {spath} which defeated tages in MR3 and has no outline as to how to do it nor any direction as to which software he used. Not even a guideline, I mean I think that the explaination in the first sticky says it all about how to beat new securom with the use of twinpeaks and a bwa builder. That thread is too much speculation and very little to actually show software/guideline approaches to MR3 or any other tages protected game.

In that thread is all the information you need to program your own software which can copy Tages. :slight_smile: A possible reason why nobody else wrote a program is that Tages, untill recently, only has been used for one software title. The latest version of Securom is used on a lot of titles, hence more chances a program like Blackcheck’s Twinpeaks will be written. Just my 2c. :slight_smile:

that does make sense, but I thought from that article you linked to it suggested more titles ie: Robocop will now also use Tages and that it will become more widely used in games. From what I can tell right now securom and safedisc are the predominant game protections used on current games today.