Unscrambled v Patched


I was just wondering what the difference was between a firmware that is labeled ‘Patched’ and ‘Scrambled’.


Firmwares found on LiteOn’s website are encrypted (well, not really; their method is too pathetic to be called “encryption”… scrambled is a better word). The official LiteOn firmware flashers will unscramble the firmware as it is loaded into your drive, as the firmware exists in an unscrambled state within your drive. Alternatively, you can start out with an unscrambled firmware and load that into your drive. Same result. So why would you want to start out with an unscrambled firmware? Because it’s possible to patch an unscrambled firmware. You can’t patch a scrambled firmware.

  • Scrambled: exists only in official firmware flasher packages; cannot be patched
  • Unscrambled: exists in .BIN files, in our unofficial firmware flasher packages, and within your drive; can be patched
  • Patched: an unscrambled firmware that has been patched (modified)

Thus, loading an unscrambled stock (that’s the operative word for “original”) firmware into your drive will produce the exact same result as using the official flasher with a scrambled firmware.

unscrabled - allows me to flash my 812s with 832s firmware.
patched - altered firmware to make improvents.

Is that correct?

Unscrambled firmware can be patched with the OmniPatcher (enable cross flashing) to allow you to use 832S firmware in your 812S.

Yes, patched firmware has been modified in some way, to improve it or to add a feature.

are you saying that it is better to flash with patched (bin files) and then use omipatcher to flash your drive?


omnipatcher just patchs the firmware (.bin or .exe). it isn’t able to flash your drive.

No. There are two sorts of firmware on our web site. Patched firmware and non patched firmware (unscrambled). The patched firmware has some change that we have made and the non patched firmware is just stock firmware that can be used with OmniPatcher or allow reverse flashing. The changes to the patched firmware are things like faster read speed, cross flashing etc…