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If any of you, who like me have read all of the help pages, and still can’t make this %&!%! thing burn a readable dvd, I invite you to file a complaint with the FTC. Regardless of who stuck a name on this unit, BTC built the DVD1004IM, and should FIX IT to meet the claims of being compatible with DVD-/+R, DVD -/+RW like it says on the box. Also complain long and loud in this forum as well, as I expect the FTC will be looking here to substantiate my claims of not being the only one. Cheers.

Let’s try to be a bit more patient. BTC is already having a hard enough time with all of our complaints.
Do consider this a joint-venture with BTC. We’re all trying to help Marco and BTC out.
It isn’t too infrequent that a company which specializes in many products (keyboards, optical, etc.) puts on the market shelf a product that would have required a bit more “testing” on their part.
Our comments may be harsh sometimes, especially after mis-burning several DVD media, and Marco/BTC understands this. That’s why he’s very diplomatic when it comes to answering all posts politely as he has always done since the very beginning. He tries his best to help us calm down, which is something you might try doing for a few more days, until the long awaited firmware 47 is released.

Why don’t you describe your problems? Due to the BTC burner I promote my life and got…got…many fine DVD movie backups.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Rick,

If any of you, who like me have read all of the help pages, and still can’t make this %&!%! thing burn a readable dvd, I invite you to file a complaint with the FTC.
I know this is a cold comfort, but the 1004IM is running fine here. I have burned different DVDs and all are working on my Pioneer DVD-ROM (even those which where burned with Bios V. 0040) and my Philips standalone DVD-player.


how about this: Media Information
Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID SONY
Format Capacity Not Formatted
Free Blocks 412352512
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.71GB)
Book Type DVD-R
Media Type DVD-R
Media Id Code Speed 2.0x 2770KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.0x 2770KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 1.0x 1385KBps
Write Strategy Speed 1.0x 1385KBps
Data area starting sector 30000h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

wont burn this, or the enclosed rw that came with the damn thing. What firmware you ask: been through 038, 043, 045(beta). What software? Nero 5.0, Nero 6.0 DVD Xcopy, NTI, and many others. Yes, drive is set to UMWA, windows burn engine is disabled, blah, blah. Burns CD’s just fine. Look guys, I feel like I REALLY put in the effort to learn the damn thing. No I did not go buy a huge spindle of one kind of DVD’s, but if I can’t pick a premimum dvd at over 3 bucks a piece off the shelf and have it burn, then what good is this drive? Already tried the enclosed RW, it doesn’t work either.

Wait for yet again another firmware revision? Why? Look, I’ve spoken my piece in the above post. And reviewing the other posts in this forum, I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE. Let me tell you, the only thing thats more insulting than having the mfg tell you, well this is a Emprex drive, you need to talk to them, is actually talking to them and realizing they KNOW NOTHING, they
re just parroting what BTC told them to say. PI**ED me off so bad I couldn’t see straight. So I’ll let the good ol Federal Trade Commission help straighten it out. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS!!!

Dear Rick,

I understand that the problems you have with your drive have caused you a lot of frustration and I fully respect your right to file a complaint with any consumer protection group, etc., but I doubt that this is the fastest way to solving your problem.

If your goal is to make the company that made the product that you bought suffer, then I’m afraid I can’t help you. I am not even going to try to discourage you, because I know it will probably not make a difference.

If your goal is to get your drive working, then I think I can offer some help through this forum or directly through e-mail.

For your information, none of the DVDRW drives on the market support all the DVDRW media that can be bought on that same market.

It’s a situation that, from a consumer point of view, is hard to digest, and we as a manufacturer would also like to see this otherwise, but it’s something we can’t change, we can only try our best to adapt to the circumstances and though I don’t claim we are perfect, I do believe we are one of the most responsive companies in this industry.

Our way of adapting to these circumstances is as follows:

1. Media Support List
Informing the endusers of our products about the media that are currently supported by the drive through our media support list on the BTC website;

2. Regular firmware updates
Updating the firmware of the drive regularly, which adds to the above mentioned supported media list or which adds functionality and performance enhancements.

3. Automatic firmware notification and downloading
In order to make sure that the endusers are informed regularly about new firmwares we have now established a website which is dedicated to these firmware updates, http://www.drvupdate.com
On this website you can download a utility called LiveUpdate, which after installation will keep you informed of new firmware updates for your drive and enables you to download a new firmware once it becomes available.

4. Intensive communication through e-mail support and website
Each complaint from endusers is being taken seriously and usually answered within 1 working day. Information about problems, complaints, etc. is fed back to our company headquarters, where dedicated people are constantly working on new firmwares or otherwise to solve these issues.

Just because BTC offers a more responsive e-mail and website support than other manufacturers, you will see more posts and more threads about BTC products on this website, because endusers finally have the feeling that they are being listened to and taken seriously. Though we sometimes cannot satisfy all these endusers as fast as we’d like to, we do take them seriously.

So it’s a little bit disheartening for me to see that you have used the very part that I think distinguishes BTC in a positive way from the other manufacturers, our responsiveness and willingness to discuss problems that endusers are facing, into an argument against our company and products.

If you have problems that we cannot solve through e-mail, then we recommend you contact your supplier. They are the ones who sold you the drive, so they should be able to assist you in determining whether the drive is really defective or if the problem you face is due to a particular problem in your system (software/hardware compatibility, etc.) We cannot make that judgement through e-mail. BTC offers a 1 year warranty on the product and during that period we take full responsibility for it in the above mentioned method.

Regarding your problems, please check the following:

  1. MID: SONY is not on our media compatibility list. We are working on this.

About media in general: with media prices coming down (for example Verbatim DataLifePlus is selling for 8,99 Euros per 5 pcs. here) and expecting to fall further, I strongly recommend buying good media which are on our compatibility list, such as Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, etc. Though the cheapos may sometimes seem to work fine, there is no guarantee that they will be readable after a year or so. You do have that guarantee with good media.

  1. You mentioned that you can’t even use the +RW media that came with the drive. If this is the case, then the problem could be more serious, as it is of course supported by the drive. Though that particular disc could of course be faulty, chances are quite slim. So please check if your system hasn’t got any resident programs that are related to the burning engine (CloneCD/DVD for example !) and try to read another DVD-ROM or compatible (!) DVD+/-R(W) if you have it to make sure that the drive can read properly. If it can’t, please go back to your supplier.

BTC Europe Support


Well said. I think most people coming to and participating in this forum really appreciate your efforts to get them the support they want and need.I hope Corporate BCT is as dedicated and concientious as you are.I was involved in servicing and supporting various electronic products for over 40 years . I don’t recall any company that purposely manufactured a product they didn’t intend to operate as advertised. If all products were flawless there would be a lot of service and support people looking for jobs in some other field.I have repaired machines that cost over $1,500,000 million dollars made by some of the most presitigous and well known companies. They certainly didn’t intend for the machine not to operate as they had designed and engineered it.The average consumer does not understand the difficulties in taking a product from concept to placement on the retailers shelves.

The Multi/Dual format DVD Recorder is a relatively new product line still in it’s infancy.It is one thing to manufacture a recorder that will Record DVD’s in one or two formats, but considerably more difficult to make one that will Record DVD’s in four or five formats.Regardless of how hard a manufacturer tries to produce a quality, first rate product, there are many variables they have little or no control over.

Media- The DVD Recorder manufacturers have no control over how the companies that make the recording media manufacture the DVD Disks.Yes, there are supposedly established standards, but who is checking up on these companies to insure every disk they make meets the same standards.It would be great if every DVD disk made by every maufacturer was exactly alike, but variations in the manufacturing process, selection of media base materials, machine operator proficiency, even things like temperature and humidity can all effect the end product.Some companies are more interested in turning out quanity rather than quality.

Operating Software- Here again the manufacturer of the DVD Recorder has no control over the development and production of the software the software companies turn out to control the operation of the DVD Recorder.Some software appears to work better than others. Some say brand A is better than brand B, yet others will say brand B is better then brand A. Yet they are quick to blame the DVD Recorder manufacturer because whatever they used didn’t work as they thought it should. Did they use the software properly? Did they follow all the operating directions?

Operating Equipment- Is the DVD Recorder installed in a computer that meets all of the specified requirements?Does the computer have sufficient RAM, CPU speed, Hard Drive, Adequate Power Supply, proper connecting cables. Is the DVD Recorder installed properly?The DVD Recorder manufacturer has no control over these things.

Operator Proficiency-Does the person attempting to operate the DVD Recorder know how to properly operate and use a DVD Recorder?Did they use the proper disk for the type of recording they are attempting to make?Was the disk on the manufacturers recommended compatability list?These are all things the DVD Recorder manufacturer has no control over, yet when things don’t work right, they are the ones who usually get blamed.

I have spent a considerable amount of time researching the various manufacturers web sites.All manufacturers are having similiar problems and are attempting to resolve the problems in various ways. Some have little or no support. Some have so-so support. Some have what appears to be pretty good support. I find no others that are trying as hard as you, Marco, and BTC to resolve customers problems.It will take time to get the bugs out, but if people will just hang in there and give you and BTC a chance, hopefully they will end up with a product that will do everything it was advertised to do. Microsoft Windows O/S has been on the market for over 10 Years and they still haven’t got all the bugs out of it.

Charge on Marco, there are many of us out here confident that you and BTC will get things working right.

Note: I’ve been there, done that.You might take a look at my post in this forum under “GUIDE: Why is media XYZ not working?”



John ,
since you are in the area quite a log time i would like to ask you
few things if you dont mind.How come that such compatibility problems are met only as far as endconsumers are involved?
I mean the DVD disks are in the market for a decade or so and i never had any problems when i bought or rent a commercial DVD .
No matter how dirty,scrached or mistreated it was would play perfectly in every standalone DVD player or PC drive.No incompatibilities there, no different formats, no immaturity.But when it comes to me and you that have paid lot of money for dvd burners (a year ago more than 400 EURO) all such problems appear even with media that cost more than 3 or 4 EYRO a piece.
Thank you

Got home last night from work, started reading this forum. I had received the RMA paperwork from BTC(not EMPREX), also saw that the firmware 047 had been released in DOS format. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I went ahead and flashed the drive, following the instructions to the letter-drive no longer was recognizable to my motherboard bios. SHIT!.

Could not use the windows flasher, as the drive was not seen. Took the 43.bin from the windows flasher and copied it to the dos disk which had the mtkflash on it, loaded it. Back in business. The sony dvd would still not burn BUT the enclosed RW disk DID. had a write error toward the end of disk, but this was due to my damn fingerprints on the disk from all the handling.(RW was burned at the 2.4 X its rated for)

Now that I think this ^&%!&%@ thing is working(have yet to go get the recommended -r media, which should burn at 4x), I have a serious question to ask that MIGHT eliminate alot of serious pain and suffering for BTC(from angry customers like me, go figure): Why did the drive not work before when flashed with the windows flasher at 043, and now DOES work when flashed with 043 from DOS??? Is the windows flasher FLAWED???BTW it CAME FROM BTC. And, btw, the checksum did match.

Also the 047.bin WHICH DID NOT COME FROM BTC, is CRAP. You can quote me on this. It flashed up to bank 4, then indicated flash was complete. I guess the file size should have been a red flag. The BTC bin was 1004 kb, but the 047 was only 100kb. just a heads up.

I work in the semiconductor industry as a equipment tech. My tool base WELL exceeds 1.5 million apiece, and am WELL versed in being on the receiving end customer complaints, as 1 broken wafer =6000 dollar loss to the customer, line down, you name it.

After talking to some of the other techs I work with who own other competitors drives today, the main piece of advice I was given after honestly(did not inflate or make worse than actually was) describing problems was to :GET RID OF IT. THEY did not these problems with THEIR DRIVES.

Wall Street Traders will tell you that NO MATTER how good a company is, if customer perception of that company was BAD a year ago, a companies’performance will continue to be bad for years to come, as CUSTOMERS/SHAREHOLDERS WILL NOT BE BURNED more than ONCE. If I’m just a lonely whinner, then so be it, close this thread(but please don’t delete it.) But I have been using/working on computers for 15 years, and think I’m a cut-above the average user in skills. If I have all these problems, so will MANY, MANY, OTHERS. BTC’s problem to deal with, if they’re still around.



I spent about two hours writing a response to your request but when I left the page to get a couple of URL’s I lost the page and don’t wnat to have to start over. Go to these URL’s and try some of the links from these pages. I think you will find all the answers to your questions.

www.dvddemystified.com Go to DVD FAQ’s 4.3.1

Good Luck,