UnSafeDisc V2.51.0XX available!

Yo guys!

Some of you hopefully know about UnSafeDisc. A great tool, but it doesnt work with current versions of SafeDisc V2 since the developer (r!sk) stopped working on it :frowning:

But the sun is going the rise again :smiley:

Browse to the FileForums and get the new version!

Please note that this is an early state of development, so there may still be bugs.

Reported games to unwrap & rebuild correctly are:

  • Operation Flashpoint (latest patch 1.46)
  • SimGolf

Not much, but please try out all SD2.51.0XX games you have and report status :slight_smile:

Seemed to work with Army Men: RTS

Ok, i had succes with Renegade (1.015) and Serious Sam 2 (1.05)