Unsafedisc_2_30_31 and missing dll's



unsafedisc_2_30_31 and missing dll’s (infact all different versions of unsafedisk 2)

I have tried this util on Settlers IV and other safedisk 2 games and get the same msg “random error” and then it quits (I found the protected exe, but where do you get all the required dll’s to get this program to work) please help me, I am a little confused considering my knowledge.

This is an extract from the zip file I d/l for unsafe disk 2

2.30.31 util, requires NO cd, only supports 2.30.31 exe’s

get protected exe and all required (dll’s, where from? ), launch *dumper.exe, select exe :slight_smile:

if all goes well, it creates *.data.bin

execute *Rebuilder.EXE and select *.data.bin which the dumper created.

execute *Rebuilder.EXE and select *.data.bin which the dumper created.


30.30 / 30.31, if api stuff is used, it can take anything from 20 seconds to 100 seconds to dump the exe, please be patient

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Would appreciate all help I can get, many thanks in advance


Sometimes the DLL’s can be in subfolders on the CD. I think the only DLL it needs on the CD is dplayer.dll or something like that.

Just run a search for dplayer.dll on the CD.


na I worked it out, you have to install the game then run the safedisk2 unwrapper depending on the version of safedisk2 the game is protected with. You locate where the installed game is on yer hd, then run the prog it dumps a deprotected bin file, you then use rebuilder to create the exe without protection. Works a treat. As long as the elite keep up with new revisions of safeddisk 2 as it is released, and produce a new revision of the unwrapper we will all be indebted for ever to these intelligent coders. so all this hype about which writer can produce working safedisk2 copies can be ignored, its not imortant anymore, consider the topic closed for good. I dont want to hear another word on the subject. Moderators you know what I mean, I am a very itelligent and clever person to have as part of the cdfreaks team(if you up my status), do close this thread so all can view but cant post any replies.

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