Unrest/The Hamiltons issue - Lionsgate

I didn’t get the entire set, but Lionsgate released a series called “After Dark Horrorfest.” So far Unrest and The Hamiltons successfully backed-up just fine, but when you play them in the dvd player it hangs/skips on two parts. The first hang/skip I dismissed as the break in the layer. After the second hang/skip during playback, I figured I’d come on here and let somebody know. So far, both discs have multiple hanging/skipping issues. The original of course, does not. I remember when Saw 3 released by Lionsgate, that was a headache. Lionsgate is strengthening it’s copy protection. I’ve even tried some of the old school methods of backing-up and those two back-ups still hang/skip regardless.

Nevermind, issue corrected with latest release :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap: