Hello all

I have a sony DVD RW DW-D22a and its driving me nuts. It might be that I am doing it wrong, but I hzve been trying on and off for 18 months.

I find the whole cd /dvd burning process really unreliable. It can take 3 goes to get one that works. I am beginning to think something might be up with the driver/drivers etc

The other day I:

formatted a cd-r
copied some files onto it
ejected it without finishing it
turned pc off
turned pc on
put cd back in hopeing to loiad files/burn more
cd drvie froze.

this is common. Someimtes I finish the disc and then its ok. Sometimes it isn’t. Its kind of depneds on the phase of the moon I think.

Surely this should work??? Surely I can pput the cd back into the same pc and add more files???

Om a similar thread I burned about 1Gb onto a dvd and finsihed it. I put it into another pc and got two blue screens of death. Removed the dvd and pc works fine.

I am sure something is wrong.

Please, please, please can anybody advise.

YOurs thankfully

Edward :doh:

It could be the media, but it might just be simpler to replace the whole drive with another one. Thankfully, drives are not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

On the media side, I try to stick with Verbatim’s for DVD, and either Verbatims or Sony and sometimes TDK for CD.

I have never had to format a cd-r to make a multi session disk. What program are you using to transfer the files to cd-r?

If he’s using Direct CD or InCD, that could well explain some of the trouble. Neither have been that reliable over time.

Well, I am using Pinnacle instant cd/dvd 8.308 which comes with a whole pile of stuff that I dont want and will never use - you know, projects and so on.I format it, open it in my computer and drag and drop (mostly). I have used the data back up project, and also the “Instant cd/dvd” utility. None of it seems reliable at all!

All I want to do is back my data up and copy my digital tapes onto dvd.

(I suppose I might “grow” into the other stuff, but i havnn’t yet.

also, can’t I just drag and drop onto them - cds I mean

There’s another thread in here about Pinnacle software and blue screens when a disc is inserted - and just general unreliability with it. :slight_smile:

My advice would be to dump Pinnacle, and try another software. Nero 6 is good, and worth the money at the moment (I use Nero 7 on and off, but a lot of people will recommend v6 over v7).

BeardedKirklander’s advice re: media is sound, too.

how do I know if its the physical device or pinnacle?

I have thought the software was unreliable since I opened the box… but it might be the drive itself???

also (and sorry to keep going on) but will nero 6 or 7 work with the drive I have?

Nero 6 or 7 will work fine with your drive. :slight_smile:

It’s a lot easier and quicker to switch software (you can get a trial of Nero), than to switch drives.

At least if the easy task of changing your software doesn’t help, then you can move on to things like drive troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

good advice - I will try and get a trial of Nero then!

Here’s a thing

Installed a trial version of nero7

Copied files onto a cd-r, ejected, re-inserted and surprise - all the files there.

Added new ones. ejected blah blah - all the files there

Put in a different machine - guess, oh joy, all the files there and readable.

Haven’t tried dvds yet but my faith is growing

could it be that pinnacle has been my problem for 18 months.,…


Thanks for the advice

Glad you’re having luck with Nero ;)…and as I said, after reading a couple of Pinnacle-related posts in the last week, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was a little…flaky :wink: