Unrecovered Read Error

hi, i scanned a dvd disc i made using k probe and got good results no pi errors over 40 and no po errors over 3, a good disc anyway i scan it using nero cd/dvd speed and it goes to do a cpu usage test and comes back with UNRECOVERED READ ERROR (031100) anyway i did a scandisk and it came back 100%, i redid all the tests and this time it was all clear, now can i trust this dvd ? has anybody else had anything like this happen to them?
my drive is an 851s and the media is 4x datawrite classics made by princo.

To be honest - I never trust anything made by princo. (along with most other unknown cheap brands).

On the other side your disc is most likely in good enough condition as it passed the scandisc test.

thing is these princos have been giving better results on k probe than ritek discs ive just scanned another dvd and it came back with the same error but passed all other tests what the hell is this error!!!

Does anyone have solution to fix this problem with Nero V6.0 about this Error - UNRECOVERED READ ERROR (031100)?

That error means the disc you are trying to read is unreadable , there is nothing you can do about that, other than maybe trying to read the bad/Damaged/low quality disc with a better reader and hope it’s able to read the damaged sectors on the disc.