Unrecovered read error - 832S

I recently bought a Lite-On 832S but I’m having problems burning dvd’s with it. The burning itselfs seems to go ok, but when I test the burned discs with Nero DVD speed or Kprobe I almost always get an “Unrecovered read error” at the end of the disc.

Below are some images of tests I did:

As you can see the problem always occurs at the end of the disc. It doesn’t always result in an unrecovered read error but most of the time it does. I’ve been using a lot of different discs, Philips, Maxell, Imation, Mmore, Arita. It seems the problems occur with both -R and +R discs.

My sytems specs are:
MSI K7N2 Delta-L Main Board
AMD Athlon 2200+
512 MB RAM
80GB Maxtor 7200 rpm harddisk
40GB Maxtor 7200 rpm harddisk
Lite-On SOHW 832S
Lite-On 16x10x40 CDRW

The 2 hard disks are installed as primary master and slave, the 832S as secondary master, the CDRW as secondary slave.
I’ve flashed the burner with the S04 firmware and I’m burning with Nero and CopyToDVD.

I would love some suggestions on how to fix this because it’s starting to drive me crazy! Thanks in advance!

Hmm in my opinion its not just the burner its the low quality media cmc is not good to burn.
I think the next firmware will get better compatibility with more media or maybe a little more.
The DVDs i use are the most time from Verbatim and so far its brilliant Quality.
TDKs are ok too.
I think there is way too much crappy cheap media on the market and thats not good for both sides.

I also had these unrecoverable read errors at the end of the disc with my 812s. Fortunately, I was able to give the drive back and get my money back. On some discs, there were no problems at all - but I got the reading errors quite frequently.

When I purchased my NEC ND-2500, I burned discs of the same batch flawlessly. No error at all.

Maybe, this has been fixed by a future firmware update. I was using us0a and the earlier versions at that time.

In your case, I would either wait for a new firmware update or give the drive back.

Good luck.

But Imation and Philips aren’t that bad are they? And some of my friends have no problems at all with real cheap media so I can’t believe that’s the problem here… I mean, more than 75% of the DVD’s I’ve burned so far have this error, that’s just crazy…

Here’s a scan from a DVD+R 4x Verbatim(MCC002) on LiteOn SOHW-832S
Buy good quality media is my tip but im not sure if it helps you.
Ah and i dont trust DVD-R/+R Spindles the most time they sell the cheapest media with spindles maybe the cant get rid of it ?!
Wait for the next firmware and im not sure if the drive is faulty but my Burner couldnt burn a DVD-R with the MID: CMC MAG AF1.
I havent tried so many yet just MCC 01 rg 20 MCC002 an RICOHJPRN02(8x DVD+R that was in the pacage with the writer) i think.
So far the scans are all good.
The Prob is they don’t mention the MID what the DVD-R/+R Spindles uses and thats not really good.
The most scans i posted so far are the same good quality with good media.
http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5122&stc=1 (scanned a 8x DVD+R with very good results i think)

I should say that the SOHW832 is maybe a little picky with media of different quality.
Lets hope that the next firmware fixes some issues with some Brands.

It seems I’m having trouble with buffer underruns also. While burning I notice that the red light of my burner sometimes becomes orange and my hard disk is making lots of noise. The burner is in Ultra DMA mode so I don’t understand why I’m having that much buffer underruns…
I’m thinking more and more that I have a defective drive :frowning:

I don’t think that the buffer underrun issues have something to do with the unrecoverable read errors at the end of the discs. However, if your drive is in DMA mode and you still have buffer underrun problems, I would defragment your harddisk. Also make sure, that the burner is not on the same IDE channel as the harddisk. Especially if your mainboard has a NForce or Via IDE chipset, I would use the default drivers by Microsoft!

I assume that your drive is not defective. Although your media are of a good quality, the drive does not seem to like them. As a last try, buy another high quality medium. TDK would be a good brand. Then post your results. If it works, your drive is probably intact.

Hmm, defragmenting might be a good idea, thanks for the tip! My two hard disks are on the primary IDE channel and my two burners (DVD and CDRW) are on the secondary IDE channel so that should be OK?
What did you mean with “default drivers by Microsoft”, does Microsoft release standard mainbord drivers?

I assume that your drive is not defective. Although your media are of a good quality, the drive does not seem to like them. As a last try, buy another high quality medium. TDK would be a good brand. Then post your results. If it works, your drive is probably intact.

Yesterday I ordered dvd’s with mediacode MCC 002 and RICOHJPNR02, those are supposed to be good. I’ll post the results here. Thanks for the help!

IF the problems still remain try to run only the burner at the scond ide channel maybe its worth a try O.o

I mean the standard IDE drivers which are on the Windows XP CD. Also make sure that you use Aspi 3.60 - and not any of the newer aspi versions - on your system. :wink:

Man your confusing me :wink:
Why shouldn’t I use newer aspi versions? I currently have version 4.7 installed…


That is typo he means aspi 4.60 made in 1999 this version was really the last stable version done version 4.70-4.71 seems to be less stable then 4.60 for burning in general.
Thats why most people say to load 4.60 over the newer 4.70 or 4.71.

Yeah, my mistake. I meant Aspi 4.60.

how can i load 4.6 again? where can i download it ?

thx in advance

Today I received the MCC 002 and RICOHJPNR02 DVD’s, below are the results I got.

Seems very good I quess, but with the Kprobe test I still got an unrecovered read error at the end of the disk (one at 86% and one at 92%). Could it be that somehow the burn-session isn’t properly closed? As you can see on the Nero graphs, the discs aren’t completely full so maybe Kprobe can’t read any further because there just isn’t any more data on the disc?

Hmm it scans just the data thats on the disk i think and nothing more if im not mistaken the burn results i think are from average to good.
Hmm u are using a truely old version of kprobe ? O.o

KProbe gives unrecoverable disc errors? :confused: