Unrecognizable Belkin Tetra USB Hub


I have been using a Belkin Tetrahub for years now and recently left off my system whilst diagnosing a random computer restart. However when i now connect the hub to my pc it comes up as “Unrecognized Hardware”.

Additional Info
> When I click the balloon tip it reads the hub as 2-port even though it is a 4-port hub.
> Tried connecting to multiple ports including ones that have other devices connected (which work) but ALL result in same error.
> Currently NOT using the AC Power Adapter to power the hub, but then again nothing is connected to it and i’ve not used it in the past.
> Tried uninstalling from Device Manager restarting and connecting hub.

Any Solutions will be greatly appreciated,


I’ve give up for now on this one. Some more pressing concerns have arisen so i’ve gone back to my old usb hub that is not so high-tech.