Unreckogniseble DVD RW media



It happend several times with DVD RW new discs!!!
After burning them on a PC LiteOn, suddenly it can`t be erased or formated no more. Reading time is endless without any resutlts.
If I put them on home DVDrec (with HDD) I get the message “disc is dirty” or “can not play the disc” ???:eek:
This way I “distroyed” several TDK and Philips RW media, used only few times…:a

any suggestions?:confused:


Honestly, buy better RW media!

Also, try to full format them using dvdinfopro.


better media…what do you suggest?:eek: Aren`t TDK ggod enough?


The thing with TDK, is that they can be made by any one of several manufacturers - the same goes for Philips, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

So for RW media, I’d recommend Verbatim.


DVD-RW: Verbatim, Ricoh.
DVD+RW: Ricoh mainly.


thanks for advice…
the truth is - I do have 2 Ricoh +RW but burning speed is only 2,4x:confused:
with TDK and Philips didn`t have any problems until I burn some divX on my PC…then erase them, then again…and then XXXXX unreckogniseble:eek:


There is always some rule indicator:

1st: drive capabilties
2nd: media capabilities
3rd: firmware support
4th: software support


Use CDSpeed to check how the disks are bitset (use search) I have seen this so many times in the last year or so. Nero and quite a few drives are starting to bitset +RW to ROM now-a-days. Even more silly my LG H42N with Nero (and ImgBurn at default) will bitset +RW to ROM and not allow you to set the disk back with the same drive !

The other thing, as said, is quality media, I only use Rioch 8x and Verbatim 4x and 8x, I have just posted the MID’s of this media in the deep erase post, IMO any other RW media is a waste of money.