Unreal tournament 2k3 odd patch info!

heej d00ds,

Well, dunno if this is the right place bu tI was downloading the official patch from ut2k3 and ermm well a little sentence in the readme/fix list struck me as odd ! :smiley:


  • fixed CD check problems on some machines

Just something someone should try, which securom revision is it after patching ?
Does it even have a securom version ? :smiley: :smiley: hope hope ! :smiley:

Well, someone try and lemme know and Iโ€™ll try myself tonight too !
Wish me luck !


Where can we find this patch? I couldnโ€™t find it at the official Ut2k3 siteโ€ฆ


Good one GrOuNdHoG, letโ€™s keep an eye on that!


Finally, Epic has released the first official UT2003 patch. All users should upgrade. The Windows version of the patch is available from here. You can also get some mirror sites as well as a full patch changelist here. There is no file yet for the Linux patch. You should be able to update using the updater tool included with the game but it appears to be broken for many with the initial retail version, so you might have to wait until they release a file.