Unreal Tournament 2004

Anyone know if this is just the standard SecuRom or is it the NEW or even the NEW4.x/5.x? And is it only protected on the play disc or are all the discs protected?

Play disc is the only one protected, but this is now totally irrelevant as all the upgrades have removed the requirement to have the disc in the drive.

Ok, so only the Play disc is protected but which protection is it using? Anyone know?

hm, as i can remind it should be SecuROM NEW 4.8 - but this is absolutely UN-important as you can easily copy it with nero as long as you install the latest updated - it removes the cd-/dvd-check from the game, so the protection is irrelevant…

So if I DL the new copy for Nero then I will be able to copy this game as a normal game to game copy?

you have to d-load the latest update for UT2004 !


THIS official update removes the cd-check…

Why are so many companies removing the protections they spent millions investing in, the new Half-Life 2 patch removes SecuROM.

Ben :slight_smile:

Why are so many companies removing the protections they spent millions investing in

who knows, maybe those protections are free for those developers… :wink: LOL :bigsmile: :smiley: ironically

we have a winner…

I too use a liteon 52327s and it did this copy no worries.

Once aquiring alcohol 120 and twinpeaks, it was no problemo.

It has been stated in another thread, but here is how i did it (play disc)

  1. used alcohol 120 on the securom *new profile to make a clone cd ccd image of the play disc.

  2. downloaded the bwa from here http://www.makeabackup.com/downcat1-60-titleA-10.html

because i could create a bwa using bb5, but it was corrupted everytime by a read error on the playdisc. (any ideas??)

  1. used twinpeaks v0.2 to combine the downloaded bwa and the ccd.

  2. used alcohol 120 with the securom *new profile to burn the patched.ccd to a verbatim 80min datalifeplus cd-r. (when it asked about TOC information, i used the top retain option from the 3 provided.

This disc runs, no emulation or hidden media settings of any kind. plays like a bought one.

hope this helps.

p.s. the drive i play it from is the same one it was ripped and burnt with. the liteon 52327s. (long live the mighty liteon)


There is a saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.
Somewhat similar to situation here.

is that to say i should not have wasted my time, and instead just updates my install,

or that my post is wasting my time because no one will read it???

lol just curious…

i mean, i came here looking for answers… and found them.

either way tim, the satisfaction is in the journey, they may re-install the protection later who knows…

but 6-12 months after release they dont bother putting the protection back on