Unreal Tournament 2003

Just bought this game and as normal I want to back up the discs. Clony says that it is Securerom new and I tried to copy using clone and the appropriate settings, but the final result is that I cant even get the browser to see the disc.
Anybody had any success with this one, or I am just missing something obvious?

It’s impossible to copy UT2003 (or any other game using the latest SecuROM revision). Sorry, it’s a no go.

Thanks for the response, I thought there was something funny when I couldnt even read the disc. Just need to take good care of the source discs I guess. What a bummer!

Have a look at this thread no need to copy the game you just need the demo.Anyway have a read it will make you
:bigsmile: Laugh:bigsmile:


is it legal to talk about backing up games here??? if so then i have successfully backed up my retail version of UT2003. I used clone cd version

anything else i can help with let me know.

what were your settings ? and what cdwriter did you use?
a true 1:1 copy only counts if it runs as well, without the use of a C>>>k exe. !!!

what do u mean settings? i just made a game image with clone cd then burnt the image. i got a true 48x liteon.
it installed just fine… the only downside is u have to use the no-cd crack for the game to play but as far as backing up the game it worked… if thats what u mean about a true image then i guess not… but it works so y complain?